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5. Daniel Srsa - Prophecy on Global Warming

The science is an illusion. The technology is an illusion. It is the supreme ignorance and a supreme trick that entices you to abdicate your rights and surrender your soul to oblivion. Technology is nothing but a walking stick to an aging man; it is the artificial teeth for a toothless one and glasses for the one with the impaired eyesight. A healthy young man needs no walking stick, no reading glasses and no artificial teeth. Who would want to waste time and energy trying to invent technology when all that man needs he has in abundance but cannot see it? How much time, how much energy will you need to spend to reach even the nearest star? How much effort will you need to put into technology that will take you across the barriers of time through a black hole and beyond this universe into another universe, which is just like this one? Do you think it is the first time man has technology? There were men before you who had infinitely more advanced technology then you have, yet where are they now? Could they stop the inevitable end? And if they could then they would not because then they would know what they do not know now. Do not be led astray by cheap toys of no consequence. You are selling your life cheap. You do not know its worth. Every breath that you draw is worth more than thousands suns. Let me give you an accurate picture of what your science is like. Two scientists sit on top of a volcano that is about to blow its top off discussing how harmful is smoking of cigarettes because it causes the heat and smoke that are belching from a volcano underneath them. They are utterly blinded by their own self-importance. They cannot honestly admit their ignorance. They speculate and believe that their mistaken imputations are the truth. Every honest scientist will tell you that they do not know the cause of global warming and increased content of carbon dioxide in the air. They do not know whether increased content of carbon dioxide in the air causes global warming or whether it is the opposite (the global warming causing the increased content of carbon dioxide). They fancy the idea that man is so powerful that he can even change the climate of the planet. What insolence; a puny creature like man, of what consequence is he?

Neither global warming, nor ozone depletion are man-made. They are warning signals that volcano is to blow off its top just as is the increased tectonic activity of Earth, or they would like to put this to man-made causes too? Man thinks he is God and he is all-powerful but he is soon going to be brought to reality. He thinks he has it all under control and it is only up to him to determine his future. Nothing will interrupt him in his mistaken beliefs. Man lives in a Supreme Lie; in a Supreme Illusion, which cannot last. Man made himself more stupid then birds of the air or fishes of the sea because they will all know the truth before him. His own pride and inability to concede to the truth blinded him beyond all measures. It is extraordinary how the most unintelligent can believe that he is the supreme genius of all the creation. Man of every age before this one was more intelligent and more loving than man of this Kali Yuga. He cannot pierce the shield of deceits he built around himself with his own dishonesty to see even the simplest truth. Global warming neither causes increased content of carbon dioxide nor is it vice versa. It is the wholesome process where one feeds of another building up a momentum when the whole thing will boil over. The gradual regression of Earth’s rotation (precession of equinoxes) is winding up different layers of Earth’s density in backward direction thus creating the stress between them. Different layers act as clutch plates that stick to each other ensuring the smooth rotation of the planet as a whole but when the inner tension accumulates to a critical point, they snap and slide over each other causing havoc on Earth’s surface. Alternatively, since precession is combined effect of solar/lunar tug of war played over Earth, the precession (Earth’s regression) is also reflected in gradual lunar recession from Earth. This is the reason why scientist presuppose that in the past lunar disc was larger then solar disc and that Moon was closer to Earth’s surface. This is a wrong conjecture because lunar/solar gravitational balance must be maintained; hence solar and lunar disc must be always the same size. It means that if Moon is closer to Earth’s surface then Earth must also be closer to Sun – a wholesale contraction of space between Earth and Moon as well as between Earth and Sun.

Nevertheless, such gradual recession of Moon over time is reversed instantly when time ends; i.e. in quantum points of such lunar vibrations thus maintaining solar/lunar equilibrium. So, this winding up of different densities of Earth in backward direction can also be attributed to a gradual decrease in lunar tidal influence that increases inner friction and creates stress energy within Earth. When this tension reaches the climax it starts turning into heat, as we all know very well when our clutch or our brakes start overheating. This heat precedes the collapse when stress overcomes the inner cohesion and the material breaks down. When the plates snap, the gravitational balance between Earth and Moon is interrupted and Moon is reined in back to where it was before the recession – and so is Earth in respect to its own gradual orbital recession from Sun. So, it is a necessary mechanism to ensure long-term survival of Earth and whatever lives in its bosom. It is a life giving moment. The global warming reveals the accumulation of heat within Earth due to increased gravitational stress. When the heat reaches its climax generating viscosity between the plates then the plates start shifting, which causes increased tectonic activity that we’ve been witnessing recently. It will all end up in a planetary quake of enormous proportions when they finally snap. Such quake will shift all continental plates, Earth will burst by its seams and seas will be sitting on top of a stove with boiling lava underneath. This will increase temperature of the seas and the rate of evaporation. Soon Earth will be enveloped in thick clouds pregnant with waters. The deluge will begin. The seas will spill over the continents in huge tidal waves and all the springs will burst open due to increased lunar gravitational (tidal) pull. A tiny rivulet will transform itself in a mighty river; a mighty river into an immense flowing lake and the sea will cover the whole earth except the highest ground. The rain will be falling from the clouds driven by orcanic winds as if it is a waterfall with a daily rainfall exceeding many times a normal rainfall of the whole year.

The places spared of the deluge will be scorched and those spared of the heat will be flooded. It is a simple scenario, yet all those scientist and engineers capable of putting together complex machines are blind to this simple natural mechanism and its implications. Why? They cannot see it because they do not want to see it, not because it is difficult to see the truth of it. They prefer to live in their cozy illusions and pretend that nothing is happening. Every scientist knows the quantum laws. All our electronic technology is built on it. Energy changes in quantum leaps. Every ¼ precession an electron resonates with its surrounding electrons, which impel it to change its momentum – its inner kinetic energy (motion) is transformed in outer potential energy (electromagnetic wave). Every orbiting particle changes its momentum in its resonant points, regardless of its size – be it an electron, Earth or the entire galaxy. It is all the same on different scales because truth is holographic. What makes them think that it is applicable to microcosmic scales of an electron and inapplicable to cosmic scales? It is a simple pattern and the pattern is not limited by space/time. On the contrary, it is the pattern that limits space (size) and time (duration) and not vice versa. Anyway, you have read more about it on the web site but truth is so simple that only a blind man can miss it – and the present man with his science and technology is as blind as a bat to anything that does not serve his immediate needs for self gratification and self glorification. It is such a narrow outlook that it cannot get any narrower – at least not on this level of existence. It is the ultimate selfishness that will stand as a witness against man in the end. Is there any scientist in the world, which can with absolute certainty and in all his honesty say that any of this is not true? It is all the purest truth. No scientist can refute any of these statements. They can ridicule it because it does not fit into their little worlds but no one can say that there is anything wrong in any of these statements. “Then why do not they believe me”, I can ask, as it is also asked in the scriptures and the answer will be the same as in the scriptures, “Because we do not have the same father. My father is God and your father is the devil. You listen to your mind, which is the devil that tempts you, misleads you and blinds you. I listen to my heart that enlightens me and saves me.

Who are you going to listen? Search your soul. Do not be afraid to speak the truth you find in your heart. Disseminate the truth far and wide. And above all act upon the truth else it will be only a hypocritical verbalization. Give an example that you practice what you preach. An example speaks louder then thousand words. It is no shame to preserve life. Seek salvation, whether it is physical or spiritual. The purpose of physical life is spiritual salvation, which is an extension of physical life on higher level but unless you preserve your body, how will you save your soul because you can save it only when you are alive. Can an illiterate person become literate after he/she dies? The death regenerates and rejuvenates life through reincarnation, just as sleep refreshes body and mind, just as the nature dies in winter only to be resurrected with renewed vigor in the spring but death creates nothing new because it s an illusion. Man cannot die because he exists in God and God is immortal but he can evolve only while he lives. This is the purpose life – to enliven the soul while still alive and thus perpetuate life. Purpose of life is to learn how to die fully conscious and not to be swallowed by oblivion. Purpose of this life is the life to come by passing the threshold of death but it is your responsibility to open the door and you can do it only by a conscious effort while alive. If you wait for death unaware of what is to come after, you have no guarantees; you do not know where this road will lead you and you will be lost in eternal darkness. You have to make preparation for this journey now, while alive. Unless you have explored what is on the other side, unless you died while still alive, preserve your life. It is simple; seek safe grounds, away from the sea shore, away from the low lying areas, away from tectonically active areas, away from urban centers, away from areas with hot climate or high rainfalls and above all away from North America because it is the very heart of evil that has spread its tentacles all over the world. Besides all calamities that will visit Earth, this will be the bull’s eye for a meteorite impact (north Canada). Mountains over 2000/3000 meters are good but it depends on topography because breakers will look for an outlet where they can pass through; hence it must be above the mountain passes but not under steep cliffs and not on the very mountain tops. Use your common sense and put your trust in God and you will not be let down.

Do not trust the advice of your mind without surrendering to the will of the Almighty because you will go wrong. Have faith and you will live as long as this life has a purpose, no matter what happens to Earth. How can God let you down if you seek shelter in Him? It would be as if He is letting Himself down, which is impossible. With love and faith you will live because love is truth but if you rely on your own strength and cleverness you will perish because your separate existence from your soul and higher self is an illusion and a lie of no validity. Take heed and have no worry because God is love. He is All Merciful. Have no fear of him or of what will happen. Have fear of yourselves and your own ignorance, which is pulling you down. Fight that ignorance like a brave warrior and if you win over your own mind, you have won the whole universe and all the power that is in it. The mind is a very bad master but an excellent servant if you manage to tame its rebellious behaviour. If you discipline your mind and live an honest and moral life; if you overcome the desires of the flesh and the pride of the mind (ego) than you should have no fear because God will be your ally. Have compassion and love for all that lives, have no attachments to this world or anything in this world, give it all up and attach yourself only to God, and then you can say, “Even if I walk through the shadow of death, I shall have no fear”. Who can harm you if you are in the lap of the Creator? Whatever happens take it dispassionately and with equanimity because only God knows what is good and what is bad for you. If you die, you will die because it is the best thing for you. Whatever happens, it will happen because it is best for you. Trust your true Self. What you think that you know has no validity. Those are the random thoughts of no consequence. What we fancy to be intelligent is dead wood. Trust His Intelligence that speaks through your heart. Trust this silent voice, this inner harmony and the inner music that reverberates through the entire creation. When you hear the trumpet call it is a war cry to engage the enemy – your own mind. Listen to that silent call within and fight your ego that separates you from the life of your true self now or else you will hear it in all its might hovering over Earth on Last Day. There is no symbolism here. It is not an allegory. It is all the straight talk. It is the ultimate truth.

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