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Panteley Bahchevanov:
The Creation Code

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Panteley Bahchevanov is author of  book titled "The Parallel World: The Gravitation The Life The Evolution". The Parallel World consists of three parts: The Gravitation; The Life; The Evolution. This is a hypothesis based on the rejected by the science ethereal substance that fills everything everywhere in the Universe in all directions. The Hypothesis is dedicated to ethereal Media and the physical fields which would not be able to exist without it. It gives a rational explanation of physical phenomena such as the gravitation field and forces, electromagnetic fields including the particle that translates the light. The Hypothesis considers the live as being created by the Supreme Mind and the living organisms as consisted of two integrated parts, a physical field and a biological body. It concerns the genesis, development and aging of the organisms and their operation as biological bodies. The evolution process is reviewed in the same context as being precisely designed one with definite goals. The Hypothesis regards areas were the possibility of scientific exploration is strongly restricted or generally unavailable. For that reason the only way the claims to be expressed as convincing ones is the use of deduction and logical chains. The Hypothesis closes its area of analysis in to a framework where the claims to be logical and argued and out of which the things seem uncertain. The claim the life is carefully designed and created by the Supreme Reason corresponds to the concept about the living God and this is the basic idea of the book. This idea is being exposited basically on strong physical regulations and laws and far from mystique and foggy considering. Putting that object in front of the whole material is not occasionally. The mission of The Parallel World is knowledge about the living God to be given considering the mankind to be approached to a stage and matured to recognize it.

The following are excerpts of three random parts from the second book by Panteley Bahchevanov: "The Creation Code".  This book is dedicated to Creation of Life; Evolution; Ancient and Contemporary mysteries.
The material is based on physical laws and regulations, introducing ethereal substance as primary matter. It contents for example rational explanation of Crop circles phenomenon,  pictures of non material extraterrestrial creature and more.


One of the most important tasks of an algorithmic system implemented into a physical field of a living organism is to put in order the particles of the biological body in a three-dimensional space, simultaneously creating cells, structures and organs. But this too complex construction is performed not only in the space but is strictly synchronized in time. There are two relations to be mentioned: the first one concerns the origin of a new species; the second acts from the birth of any representative of a given species up to the moment of its end. It is obvious that the transition between the species is complex, and when there is a just established species, each representative of that new species after its birth is being changed during its life. The timer function reads time from the moment of the conceiving up to the termination of life. In a transition period it reads time from the origin of the new species up to the completion of the transition processes.
In the moment when an algorithmic modification is initiated, the timer function of the transition is started. The task of this function is to perform the transition according to a previously defined dynamics of processing. Permanently, during the time or by some given algorithm, changes are being implemented.
The biological bodies, structures, organs, morphology are changed as being assigned.
Within each term from the very origin something is being changed. In particular, by the transition monkey – man the body is rising; the animal becomes bipedal and begins to walk on two; the appearance changes. This transformation does not occur accidentally or influenced by accidental factors. If so, we should be witnesses of extra varieties, some representatives being at a stage of their accomplished development, others at some intermediate stage, or changed in some unspecified manner. Such phenomenon evidently does not exist and it necessitates laying aside all concepts and dogmas and opening our eyes. Labor, with or without a goal, is not the reason for the transition to man and mind but a consequence of that transformation defined by the new algorithmic system implemented.
There are two basic timer functions. The first (timer of transition) puts the particles of all selected organisms that origin a new species in the order of their three-dimensional positions exactly as coded in their fields. The second function (timer of growth) begins to put in order the particles of every organism from the moment of its conceiving. It is hard to say how, indeed, the first timer function has been programmed for the transition monkey – man. The time of our life is too short for us to be direct witnesses of whatever except for the newest generations of viruses resistant against every brand new antibiotic. For that transition we could consider only exploring fossils from prehistoric epochs.
These accidentally excavated skeletons or mummies mark the stages which we are able to fix. But these stages are too long, random and between them large blank spots remain. The transition is algorithmically decelerated not simply because of the inertia of matter but by reason of gradual adaptation to the conditions or temporization of a certain environmental improvement. This deceleration should be a consequence of the necessity to maintain the features of the steady original cautiously doing the transition, until the new species becomes steady enough itself. The code modification has been performed once and never more; from this moment the processes are subordinated to the automatism implemented in that modification, essential component of which is the transition timer.
Actually, the timer of transition from one to another species and the considered deceleration make the illusion of an evolution and random development. Simply, it is not realistic to think that the first transition generations being close to the monkey should represent entirely developed people.
The second timer function, the timer of growth, or life’s timer, will have its detailed description in the chapter related to the human life and its code system.

Copyright by Panteley Ivanov Bahchevanov.
Presented with permission of the author.


According to the medical point of view, a coma is a state of the organism related to deep unconsciousness. The term is of a Greek origin and means ‘deep sleep’.
In most cases the comatose is related to a loss of ability to move and speak. But in some cases motion and speech are observed. These manifestations, however, are not a result of conscious activity; they are not volitional although it looks like being so. The state of a coma is due to intoxications, metabolic injuries, diseases of the central nervous system, and acute neurological injuries as a consequence of wounding, hypoxia and pharmaceutical agents. The coma is categorized according to the level of injury in two scales: Glasgow Coma Scale and Ranco Los Amigos Scale.
From our point of view it is of interest the connection between the field which controls the organism and this state as well as the appearance of mediumship in some post-comatose cases.
The coma is a typical state of a biological organism by which the field takes decision to leave. But, surprisingly and visibly on behalf of the material world, life continues with minimum vitality. The field analyzes the information from the matrices, respectively, the external factors and organism’s condition. But the field analyzes more than this: information beyond both matrices. In such case it uses its own sensors hidden from the individual’s consciousness. These sensors are positioned out of that part of the field which is directed to the material world.
This analysis is performed with hyper high swiftness, nothing from the material body takes part in it being not able to accept such information and being relatively too sluggish. The information acquired by the field through its channels concerns external conditions being hidden for the individual or ones which are so hyper fast developed to be indicated or to meet a conscious reaction.
But independently of the information channel, the field analyzes and under some conditions decides to abandon the biological body. This departure is of crucial importance and will be reviewed separately in details. For the present, it is important that conditions have been set under which the field evaluates that its integrity to the body is no more of use and leaves it. The departure means that the gates between the body and the field become and stay opened for some time.
The mystique begins from this moment when the gates open.
We stated that the fields of the creatures – independent living organisms (Poo), possess hyper high parameters, tact frequency and speed. Besides, these organisms (including us) find their ways in the organs of a biological body. It is absolutely no problem for such a creature to replace the original individual’s field and to occupy super swiftly the released gates. Thus, the field integrated to the body, i.e. the individual, has left and at the same time has been replaced by another field. But the new field is not the individual; this is an object – living organism of non-material origin; it disposes of nothing from the basic field;
most important, it does not dispose of its personal identity, its “I”. In addition, it has almost no opportunities to animate the biological body. The only thing that the visitor-field has is the opportunity to support the vital processes of the body in a coma at some minimal level. This level has been already cleared by the above definitions and concerns breathing, heart pulsation and metabolism. Thus, we come closely to the explanation of the sleep which we have done in the context of this theory and as well to the Greek word for ‘sleep’: coma.
Why someone else’s field takes the place of the original? It might sound incredible but the visitor-field, Poo, might replace the original field by the Will from on high. And just after that, maybe, by its own wish. The aim is an individual and his organism to be saved despite the heaviest injuries. Now we return to the history of Mrs. G. P. which is related closely to such a case.
Let the skeptics, the materialists, try to read the following pages with patience.
In the beginning of our narration we talked a bit about Mrs. G. P. Now we continue our explanation. She has been fallen in a coma under conditions of a heavy birth. It is her narration that follows: “I was over my own body, I was seeing it. I saw the medicine team working round it and the accommodations over which I was flying”.
Later on she has returned from this condition to life for a very short time and without regaining consequences. When she explained her experience beyond, what she saw behind the walls of the operating room, the surgeon’s team did not believe her consideration she might have been previously in the room to know what was there. Now, this is quite absurd because Mrs. G. P. is an extremely serious woman and any kind of hoax like this is excluded.
And then, Mo appeared. Indeed, Mo saved her. Mo had taken the place of her own field during the time when she had been flying over the hospital accommodations. Indeed, who had been flying was she but out of her material body. Significant for that case is that she has been predestinated to be saved without harms. This has been previously programmed. Therefore, she has not been in the tunnel. At the same time, the above cited Mrs. P. S. has abandoned her body and fallen into the tunnel. Therefore, she does not have the same memories as Mrs.G. P.

Copyright by Panteley Ivanov Bahchevanov.
Presented with permission of the author.


Again we will try to look at the remote past not through the eyes of our routine but searching the explanation of the inexplicable. It is hard to consider the remote past using our modern concepts. The ideas for incidental building motivated by the caprice of some ruler or dynasty retire in the background before the forming concept for a global plan and motivation. The planet at those times is dark and no system of orientation exists. If we claim that there have been aliens, they should need such a system, indeed.

There is a contrast between the great monuments and the societies.
The Egyptian society has not approached to the iron era, has not created a rational script. According to the Hypothesis, the reason is integrity of a code system and information, knowledge. The individual from the Stone Age has not been matured to obtain that. Even men from our advanced epoch just now begin to become matured, until recently using their reason to kill millions in wars, to destroy and demolish all that has been built for centuries. In this way, the lack of information and careful charging the human mind with information is one of the perfect designs of the Creator. The information, i.e. knowledge, first of all, has been property of the elite, the gods, the angels of the divine system. The next strata or generations of the elite have obtained the information needed to organize the societies with structures and hierarchy and nothing more. Surely, these strata have received the knowledge how to build the great monuments but to the degree of performers and organizers. This lower elite level has made the upper one an object of divinization creating a Power cult. The oldest civilizations unknown for us are created by the gods. The gods are a selection created by aliens. The gods begin to transform the earthly matter using stones, the only building material available at that time. These civilizations need funeral places to correspond to the rank of the gods. All this leads to the explanation of the abandoned ancient cities and the legends of mystical flourishing civilizations as the Atlantis. What do the gods need? Of course, they need working forces at any degree. In the course of time their civilizations associate the tribes and groups of natives selecting representatives for the administration and workers. After all considerations the question remains: have advanced technologies been used or not? ‘Not’ means usage of primitive resources including creating of projects, tools, and devices. There are lots of supporters of such a concept, foremost officials and scientists. But is it realistic to cut a rock, in some cases very hard volcanic one, with a primitive stone or bone, even iron instrument and to achieve a flat or almost perfect spherical surface? Is it not time to abandon the naivety proposing to the public irrelevant explanations that no one can confirm actually? Of course, to achieve perfect flat or spherical surfaces, to cut and transport large blocks, technology is needed. And the technology has been given temporary to do the required operations and taken back. The global plan to build a giant sophisticated net is out of doubt and requires a corresponding project of a very high level, as well as standpoints over the globe. It is time to unite the buildings and the result because each of them is part of a system. At the places or on the ruins of the oldest sacred buildings the cathedrals are raised. It is time to abandon anything in connection with the ancient tribes, societies, priests, shamans; they never have been able to do that; they never have had the tools and knowledge to initiate and motivate the building. Then, who and why does the buildings in the remote past? We say that most of them are older than we suppose and belong to older civilizations than we know. At that time there have been no buildings, no cities, and no signs for orientation. In our Hypothesis we talk about physical fields of the third type, Universe and Earth Energy Information fields. All these megaliths and their supposed global positioning are being built with the intention to create the Earth’s Field as part of the Universe Field. Every giant megalithic building is closely related to some local energy and information field. The central point is the Giza Plateau, the Great pyramid. Not at all accidentally the standpoint of projecting the Piri Reis map is over that region. The Great pyramid is a great energy transformer.

Copyright by Panteley Ivanov Bahchevanov.
Presented with permission of the author.


The Crop Circles phenomenon is neither from today nor from yesterday. But now we observe an expansion of that action more persistent and frequent, creating more and more complex figures. It is undoubted that in this way someone sends us a message. But who is this someone? Why are we unable to see the author of this phenomenon? Is he or it hiding?               Read More >>

Books by the Author


by Panteley Ivanov Bahchevanov (Author)


This book is dedicated to Creation of Life; Evolution; Ancient and Contemporary mysteries. The material is based on physical laws and regulations, introducing ethereal substance as primary matter. It contents for example rational explanation of Crop circles phenomenon,  pictures of non material extraterrestrial creature and more.


The Parallel World: The Gravitation, The Life, The Evolution (Paperback)
by Panteley Ivanov Bahchevanov (Author)
Published by Panteley Bahchevanov, 2007
ISBN 1419670239, 9781419670237
164 pages


The Parallel World by Panteley Bahchevanov describes the ethereal universe and its relationship to the material universe, which we live in. He starts out with the multi-faceted Hypothesis, and provides rational, logical and physics based arguments and examples to support the Hypothesis. This was an intense read. After every section, I needed to stop, think, and let my mind explore what was written.

Mr. Pahchevanov's explanation of the ethereal universe and its basis on physical laws give us a working model of how it operates and how it interfaces with the material universe. He gives us the `how it works' in layman's terms.

The reader might not agree with the conclusions, and even Mr. Bahchevanov expects the material by labeled as esoteric or speculative. However, the train of reasoning and logic with the examples and analogies compels us to consider the Hypothesis as a `truth'.

Parallel World is divided into four sections, the Media and Physical Fields, Gravitation, Life and Evolution. Each section builds a part of the Hypothesis and relates the other sections to it.

The Hypothesis answers some basic questions such as:

  • What is in the space between atoms?

  • Where do quarks go when they disappear?

  • How does gravity work?

  • Where does the animation of life come from?

  • How do psychic powers operate?

  • How does evolution work?

  • How does creationism work?

If you are interested in the spiritual realm, paranormal phenomena, evolutional theory, or speculative physics, this is a must read.

Review by Steven Oldner



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