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  • Satan's Return in the Holy See
    2012 as Satan’s rise from the great deep (space) is a function that was depicted to be unrighteous in the terms of the calculations. This was taught to be the “End of Time” and a time everyone should be scared of. Instead it simply calculates to be a time that is a Universal Phase of transition, a transition in a wave ratio that affects evolution on Earth and also our conscious thinking process.

  • Stories from the Sacred See
    Points in time as the secret wisdom of the Heavens as the generations
    therefore transfers information across in the plasma streams via wave induction. This is the universal inheritance process.

    Everything expressed in space is a factor that is related to transmission. Therefore everything is passed on into the future from the point of its first inception. Hence we meet ourselves in the future because of it. The information of our ancient past was therefore predicted to return in the transmissions of space at particular points in TIME in the future as a release of information relative to a PERIOD.

  • Pyramid Giza Equation and Magi Code
    To substantiate that the Code of the Heavens is recorded upon the ground as a holy reflection of the Heavens, is to reference the Code’s status symbols in the holy literature. The literature verifies how and why this data relates to the Universal Wave calculations via the constant/squared formula found to exist in the Pyramid structure and their ground lay-out.

  • Sacred See
    SEE = ANCIENT GODDESS SECRET “under the veil” = God body. The secret of the God body and the veil is the “evil” clause of the veilevil = levi, the joining the lewe. Goddess in Heaven held the mirror, because she creates the reflection function. Reflection therefore equates that the equations are reflected “terms” using letter values. A letter passes over information in an envelope (seal). PYRAMID = amid the pyr by fire, formation by points – heat transduction.

    The Law of the Stone
    Many inscriptions on the stone, as the Philosophy of the WISE – PHI LO SOPHY OF THE STONE, are relative to the cycles of the Heavens and what the Kings in the Heavens, at that time period, bestowed upon the Egyptian community. These inscribed terms would relate to abundance and prosperity or oppression, as the seasons were predicted by the Heavenly Code. Keeping record of these cycles was evidently a holy sanction, a sanction that meant survival or decimation via the Heavenly statement. The earthly King was only secondary to the status of the Heavenly King and the recordings of the earthly leaders were mainly recorded upon the next sacred element of the Law, the papyrus. Therefore, many of the King references taken to be actual Earthly Kings are incorrect in their assumptions.

About the Author

I was born in South Australia, married and living with a husband who unwillingly has had his own spirit encounters. My sister and I share a psychic connection normally found in twins - we feel each others pain and emotions.
My brothers suicide altered our lives, and began our search into the afterlife.

My sister and I have attained a major portion of our information through Healing -a technique where we scan the body and tell the patient their ailments, giving us proof of our bodies energy field feeding-back data, which corresponded to Doctors reports and scans. This allowed us to review past life detail with corresponding historical correlation, house clearings with corresponding correlation of the entities, and dream review that parallels to the patient's past history of emotional trauma to exact life detail.

The best part of our revelations has been our involvement with our patients whose lives we assisted to turn into positive outcomes. My greatest delight is to share our spirit info with whoever is willing to listen. Like many others in the world I wanted to understand creational outcomes and reality to assist our World to align to the natural technology that once existed in our past.

The study we undertook relevant to the Magi secret revealed to us that they did have an acute understanding of the Covenants in the Heavens, the Science of the Gods. Their oath was to protect this information so that humanity would never be placed in the previous Earth predicament we faced in our ancient history, a world where technical advancement once existed as a reality. The Pyramids at Giza reveal why they are a monument to our pre-history and why they remain today as a reminder to the Priest/Scientist to unravel the mystery they represent and remember what has been forgotten.

Murdering the Magi allowed the truth to be buried with them, as they were the Keepers of this Wisdom and they were the only ones who could decipher the ancient code.

Whilst many Magi have died protecting the secret of the Covenants, the push by Science today is once again taking us perilously close to our annihilation. It is no longer necessary to keep the Ancient Secret hidden because Science has already broken through most of the sealed barriers in the Heavens and apply these terms in their technology. It is time to show our current day Scientists that the Ancient's did hold greater wisdom than what we do today, but that wisdom still became their undoing.

The story of Atlantis as the Universal design clarifies that to "borrow" from the Heavenly Father the Earth will once again face decimation. The oath of the Magi was to protect humanity from their own deception, the deception of our ego and why it is that we think we have control over elements and their wielding. We assume that we have full control and the wisdom to keep control but we never have and we never will. Time, as the prophecy predicts this account because time rules the Heavens.


  • The Sephiroth Tree structure is found in an old text of Kirchers Oedipus Aegyptiacus, referenced on many sites regarding the Sephiroth,

  • The Mage symbols/Jesus as Mage Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall, J. Augustus Knapp (illustrator)-a great reference book about Mage activity,

  • Dr. Barbara Thiering has written several books on Jesus using the pesher technique to decipher Bible Text to show how the Priests used the religious symbols to act out ceremony as a holy earthly account.

  • Spirit contact books by Doris Stokes reference spirit existence as an afterlife.

  • Michael Cremo as Author of De-evolution supplies info on Ancient technology

  • Biblical Code in religious text altered to Mage technical codes.

  • Information retrieved from the function of "channelling" as psychic insight, gaining facts and statements from space as a question to answer module. I have then referenced technology from various sources to correlate this information from a human platform.


Books by Michael Cremo (click the link to get any of these books)
  • Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory
    (September 2003)

  • Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race (1998)

  • Forbidden Archeology's Impact: How a Controversial New Book Shocked the Scientific Community and Became an Underground Classic (1998)


Books by Barbara Thiering (click the link to get any of these books)

  • Jesus & the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Unlocking the Secrets of His Life Story

  • Jesus And The Apocalypse : The Life Of Jesus After The Crucifixion


Books by Doris Stokes
  • Voices in my ear : the autobiography of a medium


Books by Andrew Collins
  • Gods of Eden: Egypt's Lost Legacy and the Genesis of Civilization

  • Gateway to Atlantis: The Search for the Source of a Lost Civilization

  • From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

  • Tutankhamun the Exodus Conspiracy: The Truth Behind Archaeology's Greatest Mystery

  • Alien Energy: UFOs, Ritual Landscapes and the Human Mind

The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader's Edition) by Manly Palmer Hall, J. Augustus Knapp (Illustrator)

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