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The Arcadian Paintings: Encoded References to an Ancient Global Catastrophe?

By Gary Osborn

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Author Gary Osborn presents evidence that the paintings on the theme of Arcadia really contain references to the ‘belief’ in an ancient global catastrophe which involved the tilting of the earth from an upright position resulting in the Biblical Flood.

From the information encoded in these paintings and others as well as related data gathered from sources further afield, the author says we are being told that the ‘Fall of Man’; his expulsion from the Garden of Eden and the Biblical Flood are linked to the same event and that information pertaining to this event has been encoded within the monuments at Giza.

The symbolism in these paintings also tell us that the original shamanic and pagan conceptions that were used by the Church to establish Christianity were originally based on the ‘resurrection god’ and the rebirth of the saviour who was ‘believed’ to have the power to ‘resurrect’ the earth’s axis to its vertical position and bring back the balance of the ‘Golden Age’ in terms of healing the duality and imbalance in human consciousness . . .

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About the Author

Gary Osborn was born in Camberwell, London, 6th April, 1957.

Brought up in Peckham, London, Gary attended Peckham Park Primary and then William Penn Grammar in Dulwich, London. Gary presently lives in Surrey, England with his wife Jacqui and their six children.

Former Career

Gary once worked for the Daily Mail newspaper as a graphic artist and photo archivist and was also involved with the media-film industry before managing a family business – a graphic-design and screen-printing company which specialised in both designing and creating custom-made studio equipment for various internationally-known recording artists.

Recent and Present Work

Gary has been a writer on mysticism and esoteric traditions for well over thirteen years. He has written and co-written various articles covering subjects related to Ancient Mysteries: Esoteric traditions, Alchemy, Mysticism, Ancient Shamanism and the nature of reality and human consciousness. Although much of his work is based on serious academic research, his more personal writings about his own life's experiences, leans more towards the kind of satirical humour that made author Robert Anton Wilson such a cult figure. Some examples of this are presented on this site in the Articles section.

Gary is best known for his 'Neutral Point Theory' and what he calls the 'Midpoint', or 'Balance-Point' between opposites.
Between 1999 and 2002 Gary was involved in various projects related to some respected members of the Esalen Physics of Consciousness Group – having been a daily contributor to a forum which included theoretical physicists, Jack Sarfatti and Hal Puthoff, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, author Colin Wilson and psychic Uri Geller.

Gary has recently written two books with former co-author Philip Gardiner - The Serpent Grail  2005 and The Shining Ones (released August, 2006). Gary's ideas and theories were first presented in The Serpent Grail, by which he was able to present a fresh new interpretation of the Grail (the three levels) and also properly define the mystery of the 'Philosopher's Stone', and all in terms of cyclical phenomena and what our physicist's know today as 'zero-point energy'.

Gary's contributions comprise the first half of the book.

His own theories and insights into the Kundalini phenomenon, the hypnagogic state - the 'Midpoint' in consciousness associated with attaining awakening or enlightenment - also provided the whole basis for Philip Gardiner's book Gnosis (2005) and also the answer to the mystery of Solomon's Temple - an allegory pointing to the Kundalini experience and how to achieve gnosis and 'illumination'.

Gary and Philip Gardiner have appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham and also The James Whale Show TalkSport, and both have also presented 'The Serpent Grail' in a series of lectures - appearing at The Theosophical Society in London, QuestCon 05, organised every year by friend and fellow author Andrew Collins, and also BUFORA (British UFO Research Association).

In September 2005, Gary and Philip were Authors of the Month on Graham Hancock's Website to promote their book The Serpent Grail and Gary still posts regularly on the Graham Hancock Website.

Gary's work has been featured on the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association Website and also Sub Rosa Magazine and Hera - an Italian Magazine.

Gary is currently researching and writing a series of books of his own.

His next book is Axis of God, which is now with a new publisher and is due for release either 2006 or early 2007. Click here to see a synopsis. After this will be the already completed book Gate of God (working title).


Gary’s interests range from history, science and technology, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology and popular culture to metaphysics and esoteric subjects.

Gary is naturally inclined to the world of art, literature and music, and aside from his numerous graphic-art projects – he is a portrait artist and semi-professional jazz- rock musician and composer in his spare time – as is his brother Paul Osborn – now a respected sound-designer-technician and producer in the world of music-media. Paul contributed to the sounds now included in new Korg Oasys keyboard.

Gary can also be seen playing and gigging the pubs, clubs and venues circuit around London, Surrey and Kent with rock band COAST - a band first put together by him and drummer James Hannington in 2003. A new website for the band is currently in progress.


Gary Osborn.
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