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  We have established the groundwork for an open-minded evaluation of many
aspects (if not all) of society in our 'Hard, Hidden and Common Science'
volume. Many questions remain and will always be left open for new details
and possibilities, but the basic framework of an intelligence that is
designing our reality has been given a boost by scientists and
mathematicians. Teilhard's 'templates', the 'World Mind' and Gaian
ideologies have reason to claim the intellectual high ground and the
Ecofeminists properly show they are open to make the most of all our human
potential. There is no need to seek revenge or ascendancy over others who
(like weak men with ‘needs’) have enslaved and violently abused their
'brothers'. Nurture and nature have much to teach us still; despite the
plethora of 'fantastic' scientific advances in nanotech, nanotubes,
gene-therapy, cold fusion, EMF and 'Dark Matter' or 'Free Energy, time
travel and 300 X the speed of a variable light, and bio-ram that will
self-power and replicate like peptides in robots to make us obsolete (per
Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems and Ray Kurzweil the 1999 Medal winner in
technology). If the ethics of nurture and nature don't succeed then another
kind of horror show awaits in a 'big shoot em up' after the elite colonize

  If you have read 'Science' as we reported on these and a host of other
things from history, archaeology and all social and intellectual attitudes;
then you are an informed consumer. The answers of beliefs you will establish
may make you feel comfort or anguish. It is difficult not to feel some rage
and disgust, or be moved to the point of actual 'belief'. We ask that you
guard against the ego's need to fix upon a set perspective. There are no
absolutes or 'black and white' answers. The Maya people have said it
eloquently in their saying: "DO NOT PUT YOUR self, in front of your SELF!"

  The 'Post-Modern' socially-engineered state of manageable people in a
state of quantum-leap regeneration has been touched upon with many clear and
present dangers to freedom and individual 'thinking' apparent. Hypnotic or
thought-cloned 'psycho-civilized' processes and technologies based on
knowledge some would say MAN has no right to play with are being used
against (or for) the betterment of our species and all other lifeforms that
constitute our shared ethos and élan. Creativity has a real chance to make
us become able to meet all challenges and opportunities or it could
actualize a state of control that will make the movie 'The Matrix' seem
almost ideal. Who can we TRUST? Is there a spokesman or agency that seeks to
present the opposing viewpoints? Are the 'Goths' just another hippie' or
beatnik' demographic? Reality is what we visualize it to be in ways that
even the mystics never imagined possible unless they were like Napoleon or
Berenguer Saunière who blanched at the terror of our potential to manipulate
forces once thought to exist in the hands of gods or ascended masters.
Kissinger is right about the Intergalactic Brotherhood (we hope) and the
requirement to remove prejudice and right-wing terrorist or religious
extremism before we are admitted therein.

  There have always been leaders, salesmen or other hucksters (priestly
magicians, sophists, prostitutes of every stripe and colour) who benefit
when they get you (us, society, or cults) to 'believe'. Harkening back to my
days as a sales manager I remember the techniques which sought to make
salespeople aware that a sale is always made. The salesman is more often the
one who buys the pitch of the client who tells him/her that he doesn't need
the product or service. At least that is what management for that product or
service seeks to convince its' salesforce is true - because every prospect
is qualified to benefit from their product. In New England I often found the
potential customer wasn't even listening until they said 'NO!'. Here are a
few words that I hope help set the proper mental agenda. “There is a
principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all
arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance –
that principle is contempt prior to investigation. – Herbert Spencer”

  Our materialistic and hedonistic (need-oriented) social structure that Dr.
Janice Boddy calls a 'Global Reifying Thrust of Materialism' has actuated
some real benefits over the old forms of feudal and aristocratic controls.
But there are many who suffer more than ever. The people who have the most
toys do not win. We know it can be 'fun' to compete and 'get over' and make
sure you have the most you can get. We also know there is more than 'one
pie' (despite Thomas Malthus) and that a different ethic is needed. This
ethic of brotherhood and creativity which would seek to enable all to have
more soulful understanding will make even the elite see how poor they have
been as they feed off the backs of the unfortunate and uneducated. We
propose a 'Global Deifying Visualization of Spirituality' is what mankind
must achieve before we colonize space or allow anyone segment of humanity
access to gene-therapy that will extend life to a nine hundred year

  I once went to a sales seminar or convention where the 'hype artists'
seeking more members in their 'downlines' of a multi-level marketing
program, were touting the successes of their 'pig farmers' and everyday
'Joes' who had made their millions. Confidence was high as the people
enthralled with diamond rings saw that they too could 'do it'. After all it
was true they were great salesmen when they sold their 'mate' on themself.
They had overcome their 'fear of rejection' and 'popped the big question'.
They had committed themselves to a program and were still following the
straight and narrow. This kind of 'success' has been raised to a level of
immense worship and it isn't just the 'soap salesman' or doctor who has
bought the ideal.

  At the age of thirty I had it all, the Mercedes, the house on the hill,
and all kinds of amusements to enjoy. It was arguably the worst time of my
life. Trust was hard to find, among the journalists who wrote great stories
about me or the people who read what was written (full of half-truths and
embellishments). I was where I had wanted to be, financially. It was void of
reality! Here is a little quote that might relate. “In the dialectic between
nature and socially constructed world, the human organism is transformed. In
this dialectic man produces reality and thereby produces himself --Berger
Luckman, The Social Creation of Reality.”

  Another tool of sales or politics in all its ingenious Machiavellian forms
is 'K.I.S.S.'. 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' and don't 'ASSUME' anything that
will get in the way of the all important sale. The military is a prime
example of organized behavior that sells a terrible bill of goods - with no
GOOD - at all! Invariably it comes down to appealing to the ego and
manipulating hedonistic peer pressure or 'group think'. WE don't need
'followers' (or 'sheep' in some kind of 'flock'); we NEED 'thinkers' who
know the soul and its collective nature. We know the diminishment of one
reduces the potential of the ALL!

  Therefore this book will not hesitate to raise questions we have no clear
and definitive or closed-minded perception about. We are not trying to
interpret GOD for you - we know we are mere amazed gazers witnessing the
majesty of something far greater. The result will enable our critics or
enemies to ridicule us and demean our perspectives as 'absurd'. For myself,
I've often said 'The only thing I'm prejudiced about - is PREJUDICE!' I
still abjure and despise such elitist empowerment of divisiveness between
lifeforms. There is no room for a closed 'mind' (certainly 'soul') in LOVE,
or any true pursuit of GOD (nature, reality).

  The explosion of scientific confirmations of mystical or once 'hidden'
(occult) knowledge in the last few years must make even the thickest or
densest denizen of society pause: PAUSE to reflect on the grandeur of the
chaos and creative nature of reality. Neurophysiology and the chakras
through MRI, nanotubes or nanotechnology, cloning or robots to put your
memory (1999 saw Stanford 'dump' a whole human brain onto a computer chip)
into. Which form of immortality is better than what has always existed in
your soul? Extreme people rather than extreme potential, can we accentuate
Love and abundance? Heaven on earth might be our choice; if we can develop
the second option. Are you 'with 'em, or agin 'em?' If you are against the
forces of survival of the fittest, and for an inclusive potentiation of all
that is (in the universe); then you will do more than LOVE your enemy. You
will not fight for your physical beingness or pleasurable 'rights'. This is
no mere pacifism, we espouse - it is fulfillment of a purpose beyond more

  When the Incas refused to raise their arms to defend their lives against
the arm-weary Spanish who hacked them to death (to kill 7,000- in one day)
were they operating in 'RIGHT THOUGHT'? Were they more 'civilized' or simply
heathen believers who were duped by some astrological stupidity? We think
the 177 Spanish were allowed to do this by wiser people who knew the
immortal soul and our part in a grander scheme of things. But it might also
be a case of the Chachapoyas (white men who led the Incas) making a deal
with the Spanish and allowing this to happen then being betrayed. I propose
they were willing to courageously face the forces of Evil and greedy
religious oppressors; much as the Cathars who sang hymns while walking hand
in hand with their children into the fires set for them by the Dominican
Catholics. We are similarly STUPID! Because we know we are like a grain of
sand on John Donne's beach; and we know 'for whom the Bell TOLLS!'






- The Biblical character Abraham is of primary importance in a
complex of religions lead by the Judaeo/Christian/Islamic labels. He has
been attributed with great wisdom and yet he behaved in atrocious ways. It
is likely that there was more than one Abraham who made up this truly
awesome fable. Abraham Eleazor may have had great wisdom and some of his
feats may have been incorporated into the persona or image of Abraham the
Patriarch of a large family of Ur/Chaldean people who moved and later
conquered other territories due (in part) to the baby-factory or harems he

     There was a time when many Europeans took it as fact that humanity had
almost no real ability or value before the Sumerian culture and these
patristic animals became ascendant. The truth is clear now, yet most people
cling to the old paradigm in one of its regenerations. The cave man ideology
was founded on improper reassembling of bones that archaeologists found in
the Neanderthal Valley. Alley Oop and all the images of these cavemen
beating women with clubs was really a projection of the kind of unsoulful
and disgusting behavior Abraham and his progeny have foisted upon
society-at-large for about 5,000 years of what James Joyce properly calls a

     I think the 'Dark Ages' began shortly after the Trojan World War and
has been ascendant throughout the world for the last 3,000 years. It is time
to re-evaluate our collective behavior and value systems to the point where
we realize the 'cave men' of the egalitarian roots of mankind when women
were the equal of men, were actually our ethical superior. It is time to
throw off the shackles of ego that made Euro-centric or other Scales of
Nature and historical 'realities'. Is it time to recognize the cycles of
human existence have included those who were even more advanced than we are
today? Technologically, it is possible, and we have already touched upon why
we think it is no more absurd to suggest this than the paradigm's insistence
on our ascendant science that is often proven wrong. We've touched upon the
isolated and highly certain DNA of the Mungo Man, who is not related to any
others on earth among the human family today. Where did they come from, or
go to? Why did they teach us and then leave us to be lead along this path of
misogynistic war and prejudice?

ACAMBARO: - The Julsrud ceramics that show all races and
anthro-paleontological understanding of dinosaurs as well as aliens in the
period before 3,000 BC from Mexico were covered in detail in our 'science'
segment. Why are we willing to let our institutes of academia destroy
artifacts and lie to us? Shouldn't we exact some modicum of ethics from
those who spend the assets and tax dollars? The Manitoulin, Kennewick Man,
and many other cases were mentioned as well. It hasn't ended and there is a
strategy that should concern you that we will touch upon in greater detail
shortly as we visit further with influences like the Rockefeller family and
the archaeology that shows far more ancient humans with the ability to
travel upon the oceans than we have even dared mention before. We have
avoided going too far down this path because we know the ridicule we will
suffer at the hands of the oppressors who taught us all these great images
of our own ascendant being and nature. No longer will we make vague comments
about rafts that early man from 6,000,000 or more years ago might have used.
It will become clear that Joseph Campbell was understating the case when he
said 462,000 years of advanced culture or cells thereof have existed on



 - Scholastic regimentation from the post WWII period has
accelerated to the point that Canada won't let an Olympic figure skating
medalist teach or coach young Canadians the errors and damages of the
present system. She could earn more in the U. S. or other places but she is
willing to do this for free if they would let her. How would Einstein or
Bucky Fuller become professors in today's structured adherence to accepted
models of learning? Canada is held up as a fine example by the U.N.
committees which evaluate governments throughout this world. Last week the
support staff went on stride in our schools of Toronto. Here is part of an
article by Jim Coyle in the Toronto Star.

  "Tough times teach those who have eyes to see I spent a few hours in the emergency ward the other night with my 11-year-old, owing to a cut he acquired as a consequence of the prevailing mayhem in a houseful of boys. {Such an easy way of sloughing-off other issues.}
     As we waited, he seemed intrigued by what went on around him. How could
the triage nurse be so cheerful? Why did the man with chest pains get rushed
right in.? What made the woman ahead of us in the suture room slit her


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 - Harvard University has over 300 people in group,
exploring ways to assist people with this experience. Aliens may not be
'extra-terrestrial' in origin but the likelihood we are the only sentient
beings able to colonize space is very low. The truth of our relative newness
as a solar system as well as our only recent abilities in these areas offers
much room for speculation. There are other explanations for real experience
beyond actual physical experience that include astral travel. Everyone does
this, regardless of their conscious awareness of the experience. Western
'sciences' like psychiatry are in extreme 'Denial' about such experiences
and even the existence of the soul or other energy that allows many real
things to be done or happen.

ALEUT KAYAKS: - Scientific American ran an article in the publication headed
by 'Quantum Teleportation' from April 2000, which shows how 9,000+ years ago
these watercraft were made with ivory bearings. Other techniques and
engineering knowledge included makes it something our Olympic contestants
have not yet equaled. Many shipbuilding technologies using different natural
components and insights have existed throughout human evolution. Some are
lost forever and others are surpassed. There is a person walking across the
Pacific Ocean who has already crossed the Atlantic. He tows a catamaran
canoe-type boat on a rope behind him and uses large flotation devices
(snowshoes?) on his feet. A woman went to Easter Island from Hawaii earlier
this year in a canoe-like craft with no navigational aids.


- "The possibility of a purely
psychological explanation is illusory, for a large number of observations
point to a natural phenomenon, or even a physical one - for instance, those
explicable by reflections from 'temperature inversions' in the atmosphere.
Despite its contradictory statements, the American Air Force, as well as the
Canadian, considers the sightings to be 'real', and have set up special
bureaus to collect the reports. The 'disks', however, the objects themselves, do not behave in accordance with physical laws but as though they were weightless, and they show signs of INTELLIGENT GUIDANCE such as would suggest quasi-human pilots. Yet the accelerations are so tremendous that no human being could survive them." -from Carl Jung, FLYING SAUCERS

     Popular Mechanics from May, 2001 has a cover story that'll make you
wonder whether you are even close to the truth of aliens if you are
suffering under the delusion that UFOs are the figment of conventional
thought which denies the very 'possibility'. You will also enjoy seeing the
Rockefeller name prominently displayed in this matter, if you are on the
trail of the Merovingian part to the Masonic 'octopus' we've written about

     At long last, scientists have their hands on the proof skeptics say
doesn't exist--physical evidence of flying saucers.
*****The rich really are different. When Laurence S. Rockefeller--yes, those
Rockefellers--wanted to know more about UFOs, he didn't have to satisfy his
curiosity at alien-hunters' Web sites or in the Weird Science section of
Barnes & Noble. He asked Peter A Sturrock, the former director of the Center
for Space Science and Astrophysics at Stanford University, to convene a
private meeting of a dozen top scientists at the Pocantico Conference
Center, on the grounds of the old Rockefeller family estate 20 miles north
of Manhattan. Sturrock's guest list and agenda was note- worthy for its
omissions. Bob Lazar, who claimed to have reverse-engineered UFOs at Area 5l
{See our entry. I tell a story of personal confirmation of Lazar and more.},
wasn't invited. Neither was alien-buster Philip J. Klass of the Committee
for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Roswell, the
'face' on Mars and other familiar sightings got little attention. Instead,
researchers from Princeton University, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, and the Center for Space Research in France focused on cases
with more meat on their bones--sightings in which physical evidence was left
behind. 'While their findings were not conclusive. I hope (they) will raise
the level of the debate.' Rockefeller said afterward.
     ‘Ask most scientists -what they think of the UFO enigma and you will
almost certainly get a scoff and a brushoff like, 'There's not one shred of
evidence,' says Bernard Raisch, an astronomer with more than 100 scientific
publications to his credit. 'That answer is simply not true. The problem is
that this evidence does not follow our expected scientific logic, and so
scientists dismiss what is, in fact a large number of accounts. {The SETI
program to watch for aliens is a fine example of wasted research on the
level of science expecting them to come through visible spectrums or
methods. Space travel is likely done at warp speed or through Stargate type
methods as any Hollywood aficionado knows.} Many sighting reports {Including
Jimmy Carter.}, as absurd as they sometimes appear, are probably real {Two
20th century Popes are on record as saying the aliens will come to teach
us.}. Most professional scientists never bother to look at the evidence.
Instead, the dogmatic dismissals by professional debunkers, which are often
patently ridiculous, are simply taken at face value.'
     As you will see for yourself, some of the cases discussed at Pocantico
are difficult for even die-hard skeptics to ignore.
     {Under drawings of space craft with a reactor, MHD unit and
Electrostatic Drive they say these things which dovetail with a conversation
I had with a McDonnell Douglas VP of Engineering in charge of advanced
research at places working with Groom Lake and Tonopah.}
     In 1957, a UFO reportedly exploded after hitting the water near the
town of Ubatuba, Brazil. Metallic debris collected by a physician, turned
out to be composed of an extremely high grade of magnesium.
     Recently declassified documents explain what it might have been. During
the 1960s, the U. S. Air Force experimented with electrostatic drives. In
theory, lift and propulsion can be created by imparting airframes with an
electric charge that matches, and therefore repels, the surrounding air.
Such an aircraft would require enormous amounts of electric power, and the
Air Force seemed to know how to create it. Other declassified documents
reveal the Air Force had built compact nuclear reactors small enough to fly
on an aircraft. It had also experimented with a device known as a
magnetohydrodynamic generator (MHD) to extract large amounts of electricity
from a fast-moving stream of molten metal. Engineers familiar with such
systems say that if MHD units were to become unstable, some of the metal
circulating in the unit would have to be ejected.
     UFO investigators sent a portion of the Ubatuba material to the Air
Force for analysis. It was 'accidentally' destroyed before tests could be
completed. (Insets: A sample of the Ubatuba debris examined under microscope
revealed a higher level of purity than occurs in nature.)

     Luis Delgado was a 28-year-old patrolman for the Haines City, Fla.,
police department when he became part of one of the most compelling UFO
sightings. It happened about 3:50 am, on March 19, 1992. Delgado noticed a
rapidly descending green light in his rearview mirror as he drove down a
street alongside a citrus grove. The light seemed to keep pace with his
cruiser, until he slowed down. Then the silent dome-shaped object flew
overhead, filling his police cruiser with a brilliant green glow. He pulled
to a stop, and the power in his vehicle went dead. For the next several
minutes he stood outside his car watching the 15-ft.-wide craft hover
silently in front of him. It seemed to float about 10 ft. off the ground;
cooling the surrounding air to the point at which it formed a foggy mist
{Tesla unified force field and extraction of earth energy?}. Then, just as
quickly as it appeared, it sped away. Delgado returned to his car, and found
the electrical system was again operating.

     ’The scientific panel was very impressed by cases in which electrical
equipment was disrupted,' says Michael D. Swords, of Western Michigan
University in Kalamazoo, Mich. A conference participant at Pocantico, Swords
told POPULAR MECHANICS that this type of encounter is far more common than
most people realize. UFO investigator Mark Rodeghier of the Center for UFO
Studies in Chicago told the conference at Pocantico that over the past 50
years more than 500 similar reports had been filed. What distinguishes the
Delgado sighting is the inherent credibility of the observer. As a police
officer, Delgado had nothing to gain--and possibly a great deal to lose--by
coming forward with his account.

     For UFO investigators, the most disappointing aspect of the Delgado
sighting isn't the absence of evidence, but the way evidence has been
allowed to simply disappear through neglect. Samples of the nearby road and
vegetation were never collected. No radiation measurements of the area were
     UFO researchers in France take the scientific investigations of
unexplained aerial phenomena more seriously than those in the United States.
The Center for Space Research, France's counterpart to NASA, even has a team
that swings into action when these types of events occur. The team is called
GEPAN, after the French acronym for Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Study
     GEPAN investigator Jean-Jacques Velasco told the Pocantico conference
the details of what is perhaps the most completely and carefully documented
sighting of all time, the Trans-en-Provence incident.
     Renato Nicolai didn't think he had seen a UFO, but instead a secret
military aircraft that had strayed from its test site. A contractor who had
for about two years when the episode occurred on Jan. 8, 1981, Nicolai was
working on his terrace in the late afternoon when he heard a faint
whistling. In the distance he saw a lead-coloured object, about 5 ft. high,
a bit wider in diameter, and shaped like a pair of inverted bowls, fall from
the sky. It came to a floating stop about 6 ft. above the ground. For the
next half-minute he observed the object, and then watched it rise into the
sky, creating a small trail of dust. 'When my wife came home in the evening,
I told her what I had seen,' he said in his official report. 'My wife
thought I was joking.' The following morning, he showed her where it had
hovered and the two of them spotted circular traces it had left in the
ground {Photos included.}. Neighbors suggested they tell the police. Through
the police, word reached GEPAN, which routinely checks to see whether such
sightings are of a military activity or an aircraft. When both were rules
out, GEPAN interviewed Nicolai and collected soil from the area where the
object had reportedly hovered. The mystery only deepened. There was black
material mixed with the soil, but chemical analysis ruled out combustion
residue, oil or concrete. Later analyses showed the soil had been
contaminated with traces of metal, and the surrounding vegetation showed
subtle damage.
     Something happened in Trans-en-Provence, but to this day no one is
certain of what that was.

     There was absolutely no question about what happened in Council Bluffs,
Iowa, on the night of Dec. 17, 1977. A UFO ejected about 40 pounds of molten
metal onto the ground. While most of America was settling down for the
evening sitcoms, Mike and Criss Moore, who were each 24 at the time, were
driving to Mike's mother's home in Council Bluffs. About a half mile ahead,
just above the treetops, they saw a glowing red ball falling toward Big Lake
Park. 'It hit the ground in the vicinity of Gilberts Pond in Big Lake Park,
across the Missouri River from Eppley Airfield. The exact street address is
1900 N. Eighth St..,' says Jacques F. Vallee--a computer scientist who has
compiled a database of thousands of sightings--in detailing the episode.

When onlookers arrived at the impact point on a small levee, they found a
4-in.-thick mass of molten, red-orange metal covering the frozen ground,
about 16 ft. from the road. The metal mass was still glowing 15 minutes
later when Mike Moore's father, assistant fire chief Jack Moore, arrived.
     After the metal had cooled, Robert Allen, a local astronomer, collected
samples. Part of the roughly 40-pound slab went to the U.S. Air Force's
Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. A
portion also went to the Ames Laboratory at Iowa State University. The Air
Force never made its analysis public, but in a letter assured local
authorities that 're-entering spacecraft debris does not impact the earth's
surface in a molten state.' In his report, Ames Laboratory director Robert
S. Hansen ruled out a meteor.
     Officially, the episode remains an unsolved mystery, but Vallee sees it
as something more telling. The Council Bluffs episode was not unique. At the
Pocantico conference, Vallee said that in at least nine other sightings,
aerial objects in distress were accompanied by the ejection of molten metal.
'Reports of unusual metallic residue following the observation of an
unexplained aerial phenomenon are detailed enough for a comparative study to
be undertaken.'

     Bernard Haisch, a former Lockheed scientist who had served on the
Rockefeller panel in 1997, believes it is time for the scientific community
to become more skeptical in the truest sense of the word. 'We need to be
skeptical of both the believers and the scoffers,' he told PM during a visit
to the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Palo Alto,
Calif., where he is currently director. To this end, Haisch recently created The Web site encourages mainstream scientists to
reconsider the UFO phenomenon in light of recent advances in physics, such
as superstring and M-brane theories {We have dealt with in 'Science'.},
which postulate the existence of multidimensional space. 'I've learned quite
a bit about the UFO phenomenon over the years, certainly more than I
bargained for. UFO sightings are not limited to farmers in backward rural
areas. There are astronomers, and pilots and NASA engineers, who have
witnessed events for which there is no plausible conventional explanation.'"
     The important thing about this article is not the content but the
publication itself. This is not 'UFO Magazine' who have better data and more
poignant remarks: this is a conservative factual publication with an
excellent track record of telling the facts. We wonder about the honesty or
what is being called transparency in other areas. Is there any reason to
believe anything you hear from a government that creates massive schemes to
deny the facts and counter-counter contingencies to maintain existing lies?
The Congressional hearings on Roswell or the JFK assassination are fine


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