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Each individual volume is meant to be readable on its own from front to back as a presentation or building of a thought and many themes; however each entry will also make sense in most situations, although some must be integrated. The entire prevailing paradigm is debunked and history or science is questioned for what we have believed or been led to believe. It is not an effort to appease or find 'easy' answers. Open-minded and true thinking and seeking is our approach and hopefully what the reader will be encouraged to achieve in their personal life. One academic with fourteen years post-secondary education and many doctorates who read some of the first book said it was ‘occultist', and included 'crackpot conspiracies'. (1) Many others are much more charitable and go so far as to say I am performing an important function for humanity and compiling research for authors everywhere.

We are proud of his response given the fact that academics generally promote and create the exact issues we (as a society) are suffering under, in our present unethical and often immoral technocracies. There will be occasions when every reader may demand more authority or proof and in most cases we have the research to back it up as the books proceed. Some of the personal experiences may strike a resonant chord with only a small percentage of readers. Hopefully they are presented in a manner that you will not boggle at continuing the very quest every human has been undertaking since man first walked on the earth, or swung among the branches of trees. We do not have all the answers and what little actual closed-end beliefs you may interpret, are the passion of the moment and the lack of craft and cogent skill at giving the true sense of awe I feel blessed to be part of, in this overly materialistic realm. With science there can be little real quarrel. Scientism is another matter. Nothing in what science has discovered controverts the existence of realms other than the one with which it deals. Meanwhile our growing understanding of the scientific method shows us that there are things science bypasses. Whether these neglected items belong to a distinct ontological scale, scientism, of course, often does not say; or it says nothing whatever about them.

These passions that cause us to lose our overall sense of impartiality or ecumenicism are few and far between I hope. Certainly I apologize in advance for all the sacred cows and decent ideas that no bad intention or person tries to foment which we must question in our effort to be fair and scholarly. In most cases we have chosen complete contextual quotations by recognized and decent scholars rather than try to put words in their mouths; and we allow that our own opinions are subject to greater elucidation just as these authors might feel they deserve when we challenge or question the opinion they have presented. The difficulty and misuse of language has been an ethical morass for society. Perhaps that is part of what Marshall McLuhan meant when he said if he had control of the media for fifteen years he would control all of society. Did he also intend to suggest the personal thoughts and aspirations of each man and women?




"Everyone is entitled to an opinion!” A TV ad for a major Canadian newspaper says, before it finishes; after having people say things like "AIDS is God's way of punishing deviates". But is it INFORMED? Sensationalism is not their forte and their readership has been the elite since my father ghost-wrote book reviews for the regular writers in the 1930s. But one can sincerely ask - do they debate real issues or present alternatives impartially? Their approach is to appeal to their readers existing prejudices and the political 'norm' rather than extend horizons through challenging the thinking process by fair presentation of opposing views. Is that "positive"?

By the time most people are entitled to take subjects like comparative religion or political science they are already convinced THEY have the answers to some degree. This perception appeals to the ego of man but does it "apply" knowledge in an open-minded creative manner? There are many potential benefits to the "global village" we now live in; yet avoidance of possibility-thinking and trying to make everyone accept the answers or programs of our leaders is a real problem. The average person is justified in being confused when they know there is a difference between what is said and what is done. Being able to detect all the various perspectives or sides to any issue is hard enough - fewer are they who actually see the motivations and creative approaches not being given a fair chance.

It is often said we vote in publicity contests arranged for our consumption; but who is doing the arrangements or manipulating our opinion? Is it possible that this confusion of points of view is some Machiavellian or Hegelian dialectical approach "managed" with technocratic expertise at our expense? The "expense" is not just monetary. We promise to provide a veritable plethora of new information from science, archaeology, etc.; and integrate it in interesting ways. Who cares if it threatens the prevailing conventions? The important thing is to grow and change. Fortunately Nobel scientists like Einstein and Heisenberg or the String-Chaos Theorists and astrophysicists as well as many other respected authors who have risen above mere professorial status; present us with the insight to prove the mystical and old theologies aren't "crackpot conspiracies”. "If we do not expect the unexpected, we will never find it." – Heraclitus (A Basilidae elite family member who is a well regarded scientific observer from Miletus or Ionian Greece.)

We see a lot of coverage about trendy issues like gene therapy but who has addressed the societal impacts of this ability that Scientific American had many researchers saying would extend the potential of human life to 480 and maybe soon as much as 900 years, in the science of the year 2070. Nanotechnology and robotics draws top and knowledgeable people like Kurzweil who won the 1999 technology medal in the US, which Bill Clinton awarded him in March 2000: to say he (and Bill Joy) can visualize that humans will be obsolete or redundant in thirty-some years. The whole of a human brain’s contents was dumped into a chip in 1999 by Stanford according to Time magazine's Future issue just after the millennium.

Our contention that egalitarian models and equality for genders were more prevalent before macho Empires may not be anthropologically in vogue but we think our facts will convince you it is largely true and even if it wasn't; it should become the way we approach the future. James Joyce said the last 5,000 years are a record of horror he termed a 'nightmare'. He would find the Rwandan crisis that the International Commission headed by Canada's Stephen Lewis and the Organization of African Unity laid at the feet of the Catholic and Anglican Church just more of the kind of thing that outstrips the Holocaust in places like the Ukraine and Cambodia. Jesus was named after a concept dealing with 'The Brotherhood of Man' which you have never heard about.

Rather than just managing differences we need to obliterate the essence of what builds prejudice and leads to genocide and the war on women or the abortion of the soul. In 1911 the Encyclopaedia Britannica described torture by saying it was no longer relevant to the civilized future of Europe. That kind of academic certainty should have disappeared with the Patent Office official from 1898 who said they could close their offices, because, "Everything is discovered!" Humanity would have a hard time finding more massive horror and torture than the last century brought us from the very place they claimed was so civilized. He who has a dog-ma has a canine for a female parent. Our species has nursed on the teat of dog-ma way too long.

Atomic Cafe and the 'duck and cover' recommendations or ‘Birth of a Nation’ with the KKK marching up Pennsylvania Avenue to meet their Grand Wizard Woodrow Wilson; who had been president of Princeton before holding the same position for the whole United States, should be burned or etched into the minds of every citizen. The treatment of women is still in the 'Dark Ages' throughout much of the world. Incest and medical mismanagement pervade our culture but these books will not be able to do much more than create a starting point for a full appreciation of their horrors. Many people think because they hear about the situation in the media or on ‘60 Minutes’ that something is done about it. It usually is left to fester and further rot the system.

The depth of horror is something SO incredibly disgusting that even the journalists don't want to really address the problem; and most people hope it will go away through some outside civilizing force that is not apparent. The real issues of incest and family violence are not even asked on questionnaires in the psychiatric intake centers, where women who want to escape their arranged marriage partner who abuses them, are given ECT (Electro-convulsive Therapy) to make them accept their life in supposed highly civilized countries like Canada.

Knowledge in the hands of a few has always been corrupting. There is knowledge that has always been withheld from the mainstream of society. Mind control through mechanized thought-cloning and what is going to be done with Time Travel now that we can achieve 300 times the speed of light, are just two important details that must be discussed. If you were to do a University thesis on the Phoenicians or the facts about aliens, you would not get your degree in America. Why is that? Huge sums of money on arcane studies into the sex life of fruit flys or the flatulence of cows are commonplace while the Kensington Rune Stone and Pyramids are ridiculed with obvious (you will see) intent.

In the 1950s Joseph Campbell wrote a series of books called The Masks of God. One of them was Primitive Mythology, which documented the study of linguistics starting in the 19th century that was a large part of the elitism called Aryan philosophy. Wagner and Nietzsche joined other now nefarious scholars in perverting an advanced nation into being able to support Nazism. All 'isms' aren't bad and our chosen 'ism' is altruism. A BBC documentary on the Wurzberg Gestapo files showed the citizens were getting the government they wanted. Anti-semiticism was not exclusively German at all. The movie ‘Ship of Fools’ tells a little part of the story that includes Adolph Eichmann trying to set up a Jewish homeland prior to the outbreak of hostilities. Who financed Hitler and Stalin and why was Stalin given more than Hitler even wanted, in terms of land and people in Eastern Europe?

The media kept the knowledge of FDR’s ailments and inability to walk out of the mainstream voters’ awareness. They also didn't tell us about Frank Lloyd Wright and Bernard Baruch who were chosen to run the real affairs of import such as the war manufacturing complex and the re-construction plan of Europe. Both of these close personal friends of FDR were heavily involved in esoteric (Druidic and Gurdjieff) study. FDR was a deeply involved member of what we are calling the Masonic 'octopus' which includes the Rosicrucian Christian mystery school leaders like Franklin, Paine and Lincoln. Time magazine speaks for the mainstream as they quote historians who made FDR a hero in their millennium issue. What would the Polish and other east Europeans think?

There are few to no scholars, who know the derivation of Hebrew even though the great Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie knew there was a pre-existing alphabet to hieroglyphics which has been shown in the Sahara during the summer of the year 2000. The Father of Biblical Archaeology says the Bible is the literary legacy of the Phoenicians whose name is tied to the 'red-heads' who followed Finn and the Fianna of Irish lore. Aryan actually might have derived from 'Eire-yann' or the people of Eire. Ireland was ridiculed in the Roman name for it, through 'Ir' meaning 'lost'. These 'Eire-yanns' were the designers of the Great Pyramid and traveled the whole world for many millennia along with the 'Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders' who had a science relating to the earth energy grid we are yet unable to fully comprehend.

Even if we are wrong about this there clearly has been a concerted effort to eradicate the knowledge and the people of the Keltic (Few Roman words began with 'K' thus we have Celts who are named after a type of sword or knife used in Stone Age times.) clandoms in diverse places as far away as New Zealand, and the Armenian or Ukrainian genocides. It is more than simple irony, that all the anti-Semites are actually killing or hating their once adept engineers and high priests named after the language (Hebrew) the Kelts developed to keep the technology secret. This technology or the trade routes, related to things like the Pyramid, rock-making and Murrhine vases that turned salt water potable for the purpose of travel on the oceans (even though it was probably still toxic) and much more in fields like Harmonics.

Does it help present a different picture of history if we can show motivations of trade and power developing throughout history which made it necessary to blame the Jews for "Killing our Saviour"? Does it provide any meaningful basis for the Roman desire to build empire that included their British or 'Bruttii' brothers of a continuing Empire which we saw was still part of the Rwandan crisis? We will develop these alternative views of history and show how "the only begotten" is counter to the fulfillment of personal potential or divine soulful nature that Jesus called "the living father within". Good deeds will lead to salvation more than confessionals and special dispensations given by people who get money in return.

This hegemony of the Roman and British who were given full Roman citizenship by Julius Caesar continued long after the Roman Empire grew when they decided to end the participation of the people of Italy and the Senate. The Roman Empire did not fall with the invasion of the Goths. Where did the Ostrogoths disappear to? We will show a South American connection. This Empire of macho attitudes was still alive and well during the Crusades and long after the fall of the Byzantine interlopers who sold the crown of thorns that Jesus wore. It was very much alive when James I (the editor, who some say had eight scribes killed while refusing to re-write the Bible his way) carried out his part of the final destruction of the Kelts who would not kowtow to Empire.

It may even have been part of the reason why the pre Ice Age home of the Kelts was the site of the worst genocide during the tyranny of Stalin that some have the nerve to call communism. Yes, the Ukrainians of the Danube and Don and the home of Gimbutas' Old Europeans are Kelts like the Amazons found in graves all the way to the Great Wall of China. Archaeology is our prominent proof but the esoteric and linguistic knowledge lights our way in the annals of what we are literarily designating as 'PRE -'his'-story. It is both a story concocted by men as well as a story woven around the life of Jesus. His story is a key part to what we might appropriately model our lives after, if we would pierce the veils of propaganda. The Treaty of Tordesillas split the whole world up between two vassals of the Vatican just after Columbus returned. His real name was Colon and the colon - izers of colonial empires will be connected to the Bilderbergs and Illuminati. It will take until the second volume termed 'mysteries' before a lot of the groundwork has been established and we can really get down to details - so please bear with us - we are telling a story of human culture and knowledge with few boundaries.

Sir John Davies was one of the paladins of the Stuart king of England who crafted a new Bible. The Stuart/Jacobin intrigues of war and aristocracies are just one aspect of an interesting alternative history that might make sense of why prejudices were fostered rather than collective pride and joy in learning and growing as a human family. Sir John was the Attorney General of Ireland under James I and he observed:

“There is no nation of people under the sun that doth love equal and indifferent justice better that the Irish, or will rest better satisfied with the execution thereof, although it be against themselves, as they may have protection and benefit of the law when upon just cause they do deserve it. His Master of the Court of Wards, Sir William Parsons said: "We must change their (Irish) course of government, apparel, manner of holding land, language and habit of life. It will otherwise be impossible to set up in them obedience to the laws and to the English empire."

Clearly it wasn't just a racial thing because the English had already achieved the suppression of brotherhood and freedom among the ethnic populations under their own aristocracies. However, race was a useful tool in the denigration and subsequent re-institution of the laws which suited the English overlords. Ireland and its people have suffered more than just the loss of life.

The Pope may beg "for forgiveness and renewal" as he did in 1999 while allowing some of the heinous acts of the past two millennia to be admitted. But there is no day care center in the Vatican or female bishop, or even a priest who can hold her head up in the company of these MEN! In addition to eliminating ethical laws like the Brehon Laws and making it illegal to own a book of Irish lore or literature the Empire had to eradicate the last vestiges of pre-'his'-story! Is this part of the reason why the site where Kennewick Man was discovered was destroyed and covered over (up?) despite a Congressional law about to take effect the next day?

The realm of science is similarly infected with a need to claim some Euro-centric ascendancy of culture and learning. Our souls are capable of awesome and miraculous deeds that we are told only Jesus could perform, or some other sainted personage. Our very souls have been grabbed through the ritual of hypnotic propaganda. The Pyramids are a proof of advanced science and recent archaeological evidence brings us Peruvian Pyramids from a century before the Egyptologists tell us the Great Pyramid was built {or any other pyramid on Giza). This site or city is in the mountains north of Lima, Peru and dates to 2627 BC according to an article in The Toronto Star of May 27, 2001 titled Scientists squabble over sacred ruins by Daniel Flynn of Reuters.

If the Peruvian remnants of Col. Churchward's MU were the main body of the cultural missionaries called Phoenicians it would not surprise us. There is a site of special importance shown in high precision videos of a site off the coast of Cuba. It is 2200 feet below the surface of the water! Here we find an urban civilization including pyramids as well. The Reuters article on the Cuban site was not picked up by any newspapers or other normal media, to our knowledge, when it was announced on May 14th, 2001.

At this depth it would appear a whole plateau would not sink and retain its cohesion or integrity with mere volcanic or the erosion of underlying limestone. Could there have been a tectonic plate or continental shift while humans were this civilized? The Carolina Bays event which occurred around 8350 BC may explain the similarly important Bimini finds that are not open to inspection near the Bahamas but they are near enough to the surface that I've seen airplanes take videos that show the megalithic stones and roads. We are excited enough to think Fidel Castro will not keep this under wraps and that the history of human civilizations are going to finally become seriously considered. This too will dovetail with what I think could be El Dorado rather than any one site of Atlantis. Yes, the historians who once decried all legends were mere myths have been proven wrong many times by satellite imaging and archaeology.

There are so many aspects of society that we will show common sense and informed consumers can really do a better job than our seemingly ever-present purveyors of propagandized pablum called expert. Post-Modernized beliefs that all ideas and everyone’s insight have validity are welcome to us. The academics like Professor Wiseman who writes for Archaeology often decry and demean the 'unsubstantiated speculation' of people like myself and Peter Lye who helps on the research. He learned much about the hallowed halls and ivory towers of academia as he got his degree in Classical history. This publication just had an article all gussied up with photos of naturally occurring Sphinx and Pyramidal structures that suggested all they are is imitations of nature.

Every area of science from chemistry through mathematics and chaos science will show the knowledge they seek to suppress was known to the ancients. Alternative or wholistic medicine and psychological neurophysiological research will contribute heavily as we run the gamut of open-minded considerations from cold fusion to steam-aided acupuncture with the occasional steam engine like that of the Phoenician born Thales that some would think are anomalies.

The 'cell-diffusionists' like Campbell, Bernal and Gimbutas have become increasingly right as more evidence rolls in. The probability of world wide intercourse and trade is being proven in genetics such as the Southwestern U.S. Pima Indians who have Berber blood. The professors who hole up in academic foxholes with little real interest in knowing the joy of discovery we feel, will not easily accept the truth. Clovis and the Bering Bridge theory is dead since 1991 and it took National Geographic and Scientific American until Jan/Feb 2001 to begin a more realistic look at how long (or how important) ago all people traveled to the Americas. Why did Archaeology Magazine choose to review an article of the same time from Atlantic Monthly rather than these more highly credible sources? Why were there so many articles all at once that still suggest 'no cultural impact'?

The Atlantic Monthly article was titled ‘The Diffusionists Have Landed’ and it obviously speaks more eloquently to the possibility of cultural impact when it presents a case for King Arthur in America. However tenable the proof may be it went to the heart of the issue whereas the other fine and worthwhile approaches were almost skirting the issue: but obviously if Africans, Chinese and others have been coming along with the enigmatic Phoenicians for up to 30,000 years we have some reason to say that the old paradigm and Archaeology Magazine have some explaining to do. What tall tales they will tell had better be better than the pyramids under the Caribbean having some natural landforms to imitate.

You can decide for yourself if you choose to read the article by James Wiseman in Archaeology magazine whether his revival of Erich von Daniken’s Chariots Of The Gods was a scholarly hatchet-job due to Von Daniken's status as a provider of facts who then goes beyond the pale of the merit these facts might provide by talking about 'easy' answers like aliens. The quote suggests "fantasy" is the nature of such possibilities when it says; "Fantastic? Of course, but does that mean it is impossible?” (1)

Personally I enjoyed and learned a lot from von Daniken even if I didn't accept his alien theories. He actually brings facts together from allover the world, and many sciences, just as Thor Heyerdahl has done with botany. On the scale of truth who is more honest? Proclamations of old opinions based on erroneous interpretations are the stock and trade of Prof. Wiseman when he touches on the Kensington Rune Stone in this same article designed to deflect thinking through application of some high-falutin' authority. The truth we will show was actually gone over in detail of the November (before he wrote his article) meeting at the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Minnesota. All but one of the varied experts assembled (including chemical engineers) were of the opinion the Runestone is authentic.

The symbols and regalia of our society include many ostentatious representations of grandiose and sublime nature. The sceptres of the popes and kings or their grandiloquent garb add to the effect they wish to impact unknowledgeable people through these impressive costumes and titles. There is no hierarchy of genetic or other type which entitles one man to lord it over another. How can we alter the symbols we charge with our energy and soul? The Peace symbol is a fine example of the concentrating effect that can be created. Our leaders do not shy away from keeping us in the dark.

Are they intent on keeping us in the dark and treating us like mushrooms for some ulterior reason? Mushrooms thrive on manure but humans perform better when provided firsthand information rather than manipulated trite and false statistics that compare us against others. We must authenticate authority and it must demonstrate a creative and loving purpose before we entitle it to lead us into the vast horizons of creative universe which aren’t (and never were) limited by some Malthusian economic model. They also aren't limited by the potential to destroy us, when you consider biotechnology, nanotechnology, mind-control, robots with human and other biological components as well as the usual greed and power needs of insecure deviates.

This introduction is far too specific to give much of an appreciation for the scope of what we address in this book or the ones that follow.





- 'Alpha' is the easiest vowel for the physiology of man and the first vowel our vocal chords learned or could produce according to science.



 - Early application of physical components and soulful energy that we associate with the Indian sub-continent. It is now quite accepted by Western science and society since it works, even though we are only beginning to understand why. MRI technology tracks the firing of brain connections to illustrate the parts of the body which are affected when other parts are pricked or pressured. The California medical system has allowed elective acupuncture rather than anaesthetics for a long time and the mortality rate is about one fourth as high for people receiving surgical operations over the age of fifty. Sports medicine was one of the areas that needed results and turned to acupuncture with people like Fran Tarkenton. Yet insurers and public health programs are still mired in old prejudices against what doctors want or perhaps because many doctors know so little about it.



 - Attraction between related things including even the harmonic forces that pre-exist matter. String Theory tells us ‘one-dimensional harmonic forces’ are the basic building blocks of all aspects of the universe whether visible or not. Jean-Paul Sartre used this phrase to describe love which is a vital part of affinity (or vice versa): "Love is absent space."

There is research going on in the deep mine site formerly used by International Nickel Company (INCO) in Sudbury, Canada where they have separated muons or small cosmic particles. When one half is charged by the research team - the other half responds the same way! Such a response must have a vehicle for communication, could it be ESP exists with the most basic of energy and material? Perhaps this is the 'non-force info packets' that Tesla proposed to explain much of what has been prejudicially called paranormal. Here is a response of mine to a debate in a quantum physics forum which I belong to.

Dear Xojo and Twister

First of all, can I post this initial thread elsewhere?

I think the words are part of the problem for some people, but let me try to put into words what I think we are all saying (except Don, who is a nay-sayer that challenged me to explain what the physicists were saying) here.

In the beginning there was energy in dimensions that the astrophysicists tell us had the properties of hot and cold which came into proximity or shared space. There may be other properties in the primordial cosmic soup but they say this conjunction of energy lead to the creation of matter.

They also say that Dark Matter and Dark Energy constitute 95% of the energy in our known universe and that it is returning to a state of Dark Matter gradually over the next trillion or more years, but I think that depends on creative forces which are as yet not even contemplated in their model which may have been existent in the lattices and inter-relationships of that primordial soup which continue to operate according to laws or principles we are on the verge of understanding.

Dr. Don Robins tells us the macrochips of megalithic time on earth actually contain -and presumably their builders understood - much of this lattice attunement knowledge. He is a Doctor of Solid State Physics and has developed and invented workable equipment in the thermoluminescence field which archaeology now uses. He sees this 'chasm' across which we must travel to regain this knowledge.

That knowledge is in the Harmonic structures of all energy and it has principles inclusive of the ability to communicate as the two muons separated were demonstrated to show while shielded from all other energy in the deep nickel mines of Sudbury Ontario.

How this communication occurs is something I call affinity which operates on the basic building blocks of all energy and matter that String Theory says is a 'one dimensional harmonic force'. There is a universal constant of light in harmonic but that word constant is a weasel word. Yes, we can mathematically formulate for observations and predictions through that fine use of pure language called math but there are some elements or variables not yet understood to the full nature of the purposeful design in our reality. Purposeful design - loaded words - YES!

Why not? Think along these lines, if you will let yourself take a trip on the light fantastic as I often did in the 60s and 70s while these things were uppermost in my mind. Dark Matter and Energy had nothing doing for billions or trillions of years but they had the inter-connections of these affinite communications. The interplay of these energies wore out what could be likened to neural paths as there was no real change - this is what happens in our brains when we do not grow too. But across these lines or lanes of energy transference there were attractions and repulsions of the magnetic sort, which of course still occurs.

The design built or grew and the awareness of what was non-affinite grew. The 'other' energy reached out or responded (YOUR word 'response' is born) and it became a principle of the five motions including mass which is at the dross level of what is seen.

If affinity is just one of the laws of nature in the harmony of the spheres as Shakespeare might have described it, there are many evidences for this Purposeful Design or what is called Intelligent Design. Here is a little part of the synchronicity all around us from the Washington Post and New Scientist.

“A New Science Looks at Things in Sync


The Washington Post

[...] Synchrony appears throughout the natural world. It is most obvious in schools of fish turning suddenly in unison, or birds wheeling through the sky in formation, or in the perfectly timed chirping of crickets. At Elkmont, for two to three weeks every June, groupings of hundreds of male fireflies flash together four to eight times, with a brief pause between flashes. Then the flashing stops for six to 10 seconds before the cycle begins once again. The display starts at dusk and lasts for hours. [...]

‘It's a theme you see a lot in biology,’ Strogatz says, and not just in birds and fish and crickets. Heart cells beat in synchrony; women who live or work together may find their menstrual cycles coinciding due to subtle chemical communications, and certain kinds of cicadas emerge in unison every 17 years. Odder still is the synchronous behavior often seen in inanimate systems: lasers, electrical grids, quantum mechanics, flows of automobile traffic. [...]

‘Mindless things can synchronize by the millions,’ Strogatz says. ‘It doesn't take a mind, or even have to be alive. Simple laws could lead to groups being in sync. It's counterintuitive, because the usual thinking was that things get more disordered over time.’ [...]” (1)



- The origins of alchemy and hermetics are hotly contested among scholars. There are many non-alchemists who like to regard it as having begun in 200 AD. David V. Barrett wrote 'Secret Societies' after his time with the British Secret Service doing a job similar to what Aleister Crowley performed for the Allies during WWII. He is one of those people who want us to think they are really new to science. He doesn't mention much about Crowley's work for MI-6 and certainly doesn't try to rehabilitate Crowley’s image. It is important to note that Barrett freely admits he honors the Official Secrets Act in his life and the writing of this book.

"Alchemy, 'the Royal Art', has always been a mixture of the scientific and the spiritual. Both the ancient Egyptian alchemists and their Renaissance descendants were actually chemists - and physicians, and astronomers, and mathematicians, physicists, botanists and biologists - all within the terms of their own day. Those who carelessly dismiss them as deluded or fraudulent magicians should remember that they were, in effect, the first scientists. They were the first ones to discover that a polished lens of glass could focus the light of the Sun to a hot, burning point, or could magnify what is seen through it {Which would make them around in La Venta, Mexico a very long time before he thinks, according to recent archaeological discoveries.}. They were the ones who studied physiology, and who worked out, sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly, how the human body worked, and what the various parts of it were for. They were the ones who studied plants, and learned which ones were beneficial and which poisonous, and which lethal ones could, in tiny doses, heal.

{I agree, and that would make them around with their shaman brothers in the very ancient past long before the Ice Age before the last one. But, he is not saying this except through my interpretation.}

If they also believed in the influence of the planets, and in the four elements, and in the humors, which cause modern scientists to smile condescendingly, such beliefs did not hold back their quest for scientific knowledge; indeed, there is plenty of evidence to show that they actually stimulated this pursuit of knowledge. If the alchemists used classification systems which today are seen as invalid, at least they were using classification systems - and, within their own terms, these worked.

In short, they studied the world within their current world-view, which is no different from what the great nineteenth-century chemists and physicists did {Or their current soul-mates who were called 'atom-mysticists' - the quantum theorists.}, or what scientists of today do. A 'difference does' exist, however, in that today's rigid professional stratification did not exist in medieval and Renaissance times, except in the craftsmen's guilds. Scientists then were also priests, monks, philosophers, poets, artists.

Two of the greatest teachers of the thirteenth century, Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) and Roger Bacon (1214-92) were both monks and scientists {It was safer than being out of the church if you wanted to beat the heresy trials and 'staked' your purpose in life to something more than fire.}. Albertus was a Dominican who, despite his magical researches and his lifetime studying Aristotle {Who is someone he should also regard as an alchemist, and few actually do outside of the hermetic circles. More on all of these things and people later.}, rose to become a bishop {He didn't have the money to become Pope like the de Medici's.}. Bacon, was a Franciscan, is credited with inventing eye-glasses and the 'scientific method' (i.e. personal observation of phenomena rather than simply accepting the received wisdom of authority), and spent the last fourteen years of his life in a dungeon for his supposed heresies. Depending on the source, both are credited with owning a speaking brazen head; Thomas Aquinas {The Thomists in the Catholic church of today are still the majority, I hear. He incorporated the teaching of Aristotle into Catholic dogma and became a Saint.}, who studied under Albertus, is said to have smashed the head because it disturbed his studies.

{There are other stories, to be sure. Including a more believable one that has Aquinas being inspired enough by the Inquisitor's questions, to claim it was 'the talking-head of Jesus'. What Divine Inspiration, it is the equal of Constantine and Augustine, almost. This head would be a scryring skull; and others have it, that they had built a homonunclus.}

Another important name of the period is that of Ramon Lull (1232-1315) a Spanish philosopher who encountered both the Spanish Cabalists {Sephardic Jews that I think are more appropriately called Kaballists.} and the mystical Muslims of northern Spain. Lull drew together the teachings of the ninth-century Irish scholar John Scotus Erigena {Means Irish-born, and he is greatly admired by Bertrand Russell in his book on Western Philosophy.}, the concept of the four elements {Even older than Aristotle - by FAR!} (earth, water, fire and air) and their qualities (dry and cold, cold and moist, hot and dry, and hot and moist), the seven planets and twelve zodiacal signs {We shall see are in Bahamas undersea caverns long before Christ - who never claimed to be the 'Chriost'.} of astrology, the three spheres (supercelestial, the realm of the angels; celestial, the realm of the stars; and material, the realm of man), the Jewish and Muslim emphasis on the Divine Names (or Attributes) of God, and much more besides, into one complex system known as Lullian Art,…” (2)

You can easily see why it takes an Encyclopaedia to be able to follow what is going on from just this little quote. There are many twists and turns to follow in the pursuit of knowledge and its power that has been the purpose of many secret agencies since 'his'-story began. Even before the records of history that extend (by way of stones and symbols) to the beginnings of man's thoughts. These beginnings did not start with language due to some God-given gift and they did not need alphabets or other form and structure such as Locke's 'tabula rasa' would have us believe. Here we see the Jewish and Muslim as well as Catholic myth-makers were involved in cryptic or coded information. It is important to remember that the Islamic people didn't have as complete a 'Dark Ages' destruction of knowledge despite the efforts of Caliph Omar. Hermes Trismegistus is reckoned by many to have been the cause celebré or namesake of Hermetics and yet Barrett would have us believe he and his work did not exist until the Catholic Churchians had developed Hermeneutics. Talk about 'revisionist history' or Hellenized plagiarization!

"Hermes Trismegistus

There is considerable doubt as to when the works of Hermes Trismegistus were written, but it is certain that no one person by that name ever existed. The name means Hermes the thrice-greatest, Hermes being the Greek God of the spoken word - the 'logos' - identified with Mercury, the winged messenger God of the Romans, and with Thoth, the Egyptian God of writing, itself a magical activity not understood by the common man {Emphasis added.}.(Note that Mercury - both the astrological planet and the liquid metal - was of supreme importance in alchemy.) Thoth was the historian, and the creator of the all-important calendar by which not only history, but the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars could be measured. {Marshack is a well-respected authority and has proven a 15-30,000+ year old calendar of great precision existed in the Iberian region of Portugal.} As the scribe of the Gods Thoth was the custodian of all knowledge. Knowledge is power; knowledge known only to the few is even more so. Under the intermingling of philosophers and religious scholars of different cultures {Read propagandists or myth-makers}, Thoth/Hermes became the God of esoteric knowledge and power. A priest, philosopher or magician whose works were ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus, was the human amanuensis of the Gods.

Whoever or how many people 'he' was {If Moses, then it would have involved his sister Mariae, who has alchemic treatises intact and credited to her, it might mean 'he' is a 'she'.}, Hermes Trismegistus was the author of what became known as the Hermetic texts, or the 'Corpus Hermeticum', a vast amount of writing on esoteric religion. (The complete 'Corpus Hermeticum' in English translation fills three large volumes.) {We will see more factual reference to thirteen.}

It was thought at one time that Hermes Trismegistus lived at around the time of Pythagoras, or perhaps of Moses; references in the Hermetic texts to the teachings of Jesus {Iesa would have been the original name in another language. Jesus of Nazareth was named after this concept of the sun [son] and 'Brotherhood of Man'.} were believed to be prophetic foreshadowings of these great truths. {If Jesus studied to find discipline and truth 'within' 'the living father' so should everyone. Thus the idea of an easy and accessible, by 'special dispensations’ and confessions type of 'Salvation' would not have such credibility or market acceptance. Pardon my coarse use of business terms to apply to the effort of these 'religious scholars' who like to be thought of as having 'Divine Inspiration'.} Later scholarship, however, has shown that the 'Corpus Hermeticum' was written sometime in the first five centuries AD, largely in Egypt, as a fusion of Greek and Egyptian esoteric teachings.

{But Michael Grant, in his well-respected 'The Rise of the Greeks' makes note that the cult of Thoth/Hermes and its equivalent 'Imhotep/Asklepios' was the main intellectual belief during the time of Pythagoras. Others know Pythagoras as a Therapeutae ['Dead Sea Scrolls Deception' by Baigent and Leigh, as well as Rabbis galore.] which is the origin of the Essenes that Gardner tells us are an outgrowth of 'The Great White (not racial) Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen'. The real answer is far more ancient, as we shall see, but for now it is important for you to know these things at a minimum, in order to judge what is being said.}

The Hermetic texts were known to Islamic scholars in medieval times, but it did not come to the attention of the West until they were translated into Latin in 1471 {There are others who even dispute this date. How did Albertus, Aquinas and Bacon get their knowledge? etc.} by the Italian Marsilio Ficino. The texts included works on religion, philosophy, magic, medicine, alchemy and astrology, all of which were closely linked. They include among many others the 'Emerald Tablet', or 'Tabula Smaragdina', which begins with the saying usually shortened to 'As Above, so below', {There is a great book of recent date by this name in New Age bookstores. Barrett uses the Dictum of Hermes Trismegistus on his back cover flap as it is taken from Macoy's 'General History, Cyclopedia and Dictionary of Freemasonry', 1850.} and which discusses the Philosopher's Stone; 'Poimandres', 'The Good Shepherd', a Gnostic text about the infinite light of God, and man's journey to enlightenment, and the 'Perfect Sermon of Asclepius {A variant of Asklepios which was mentioned before.} which speaks of the divine Unity above a hierarchy of spiritual beings, and of man, who possesses both body an spirit, having a divine nature." (3)

Thus you see the 'living father within' that Jesus taught about; and even Barrett admits the 'Source' of the teaching of Jesus is the Grail which has a lot to do with the Dag (or Nag) Hammadi 'finds’. These were deciphered from Coptic in 1971 and I highly recommend 'The Gospel of Thomas'. So the 'churchians' in hot pursuit of this knowledge the Gnostics hid in protective urns when they were defending Alexandria's Library through four attacks, also wanted to keep people 'ignorant'. Jesus did not! The Cathars were later genocidally dealt with in a Crusade. This IS serious business, and it was not long ago that anyone speaking such things would be the victim of 'Blasphemy Laws' (ended in 1951 in England) or worse. I can attest to major problems in my own life despite our apparent freedoms; but this is not the forum for such digressions.

It is important to deal with his assertion that Islamic scholars 'in medieval times' knew hermetics or alchemy. He seems to suggest in a back-handed way that there was no earlier date for these things even in the relatively free Islamic world. This is a lot like the 'flat earth' and a host of other fictions that seek to minimize knowledge before the obvious Empire-builders had destroyed the egalitarian (Gaian or matriarchal in some cases) truth, of even better times. Better than any yet achieved, not just better than Greeks who made an art of slavery and Romans who the Greeks correctly called 'barbarians'.

Forensic analysis is the science and art of detective work. It comes in handy to have been an owner of a Public Relations firm (after being an auditor) for twelve years as I wade through the possibilities of 'spin-doctoring' at work by the Bible Exegesists. They sometimes call themselves hermeneuts or other high-falutin' names that would get any bum a coffee, and some change. Here is the real perspective of the Arab scholars from a highly credible Encyclopedia from 1996:


Pythagoras is often mentioned in Arabic philosophy and in gnomic literature. Jaldake calls him 'al-mu' lallim al-awival' because he acquired the science from hermetic texts.

SOCRATES {Teacher of Plato and Aristotle, also mentioned as an alchemist in Mark Haeffner's 'Dictionary of Alchemy along with these same people. Yet no anthology of Aristotle in my local library mentions his 'Secretum Secretorum'.}

Socrates is considered not only as a wise man but also as an alchemist {HIS teacher Archelaos was too.}. Jabir calls him 'the father and mother of all philosophers' and considers him as the prototype of the real chemist. From Socrates to Jabir, there is a continuous tradition which attributes entire treatises to him {All kept from unwarranted viewers.}. Jabir affirms that Socrates was opposed to writing down of alchemic knowledge to avoid its exposition to the ignorance of the masses. Most references to Socrates refer to his arithmetical speculations (theory of balance) and also to artificial generation {Homonunclus to be covered more later.}.


In reference to his book the 'Liber Quartorum' he says: 'The contents of this book are mainly alchemic but it contains also information on geometry, physiology and astrology. The ancient authors cited are Aristotle, Ptolemy, Hipparchus, Proclus, the Sophists {Not alchemists and too open about their knowledge for the liking of Socrates who compared them to prostitutes who sell their beauty for money.}, Ostanes, Hermes, Asclepius and Hippocrates


He wrote a book on alchemy for his disciple Alexander… It includes three chapters (l) About the great principles of alchemy; (2) Alchemic operations; (3) The elixir. Pythagoras, Democritus, Asclepiades, Hermes, Plato, Ostanes, and Balinās are mentioned in the text. We also have a dialogue between Aristotle and the Indian Yūhīn sent by the Indian king as messenger to Alexander...

Zosimus and his contemporaries {Third century AD. much after these others, and in line with what Barrett says.} who collected their predecessors' traditions insist on their connections with the Egypt of the Pharoahs or with the Persia of Zoroastra and Ostanes. We can find texts under the name of Agathodaiman compared with Hermes. Some written pieces even say that alchemic texts were engraved in hieroglyphs on steles {Stones that could be rubbed with charcoal and parchment would pick up the symbols and formulas - thus ancient libraries.) but it was absolutely forbidden to divulge them.


According to Ibn al-Nadim (351, 19) Arab alchemists considered the Babylonian Hermes as the first one to have mentioned the art of alchemy. Exiled by his countrymen, he came to Egypt where he became king {Guilds and knowledge were prerequisites to achieve high office in ancient times, for example the Tuatha de Danaan leader - Lugh.}. He wrote a certain number of books on alchemy and was equally interested in the hidden forces of nature.

The 'Fihrist' gives a list of thirteen books of Hermes about alchemy but in fact some of them are about magic." (4)

At the very least we can be assured that someone knows alchemists weren't hermits hiding in caves working on making manure into gold. That is the way many books and even Time/Life Video portrays them. They called Carl Jung an alchemist as well. That may be, in some definitions of the word; but I never read where Jung thought of himself in that manner even though he wrote a book on Psychology and Alchemy. His interest was more in the archetypal primordial symbology, and the truth aspects of it. If we were to accept Jung as an alchemist, then all Masons or at least the high level ones in Rosicrucianism are alchemists. It is true that some of the attendees at Eranos were alchemists and that Jung was a hermeticist, I suppose. It is not an easy title to throw around and I have been a student of these things for many years, but still wouldn't call myself an alchemist and certainly not a Spagyricist.

Many of the items and people mentioned will be dealt with as we proceed but there are many others who have traveled this awesome road in pursuit of something less than what is right. Personally I agree with Mr. Barrett about no one person being able to truly know so much. The 'Thrice-greatest' appellation is either psychopompous braggadocio or a guise to mislead. The Three laws of the magi require intense study and two would likely be the maximum that anyone has actually achieved unless we are to go back to the designer of the Great Pyramid. The application of all knowledge that exists in that one monument is beyond the perception of all but a few writers, among the hundreds of thousands who hold forth on its meaning.

It would be interesting if the Russians really did have the 'Philosopher's Stone' that some claim they are selling under the name of 'Red Mercury'. Atomic research is only one way of getting this kind of knowledge and I believe it requires spiritual knowledge and attunement as well. This perception is shared by alchemists who I have befriended, and by Rosicrucian inner sanctum people who think highly of my knowledge in the area. Paracelsus was a prodigy in the field and I have his formula for making the 'Stone'. It would not avail me any good to try to make it, unless I had prepared myself in the manner attributed to Jesus as he spent forty days in the desert without food and water. For esoteric scholars who have not traveled any distance along the path towards such attunements it makes little sense for them to comment on alchemy. Israel Regardie was Aleister Crowley's personal secretary and he wrote books on the subject as well as an educational approach from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (HOGD). In his book 'The Philosopher's Stone' he said the whole meaning was metaphoric for a spiritual transmutation only. Twenty-some years later when he did a reprint, he knew better.

He had seen the transmutation of metals and an actual 'Stone' in Salt Lake City. As Sir Isaac Newton said in his book, the 'Principiae Mathematica' - 'this is much more than I should give, but much less than there is!' Intellect will provide a great deal but there are other aspects of our 'Triune Nature' (such as the soul) that provide even more. Beyond that there is the 'collective' nature of all soulfulness beyond even human soulfulness. There are adepts outside of what is called alchemy that have achieved great things in these areas and they are alchemists before Newton, or Da Vinci, who all experts know were alchemists. For any author or journalist who would produce a TV documentary on the subject and not even interview a hermeticist (much less an alchemist) it is obvious their intent was not to educate.


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