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The Prehistoric Worldwide - Import of the GREAT LAKES

by Robert Baird



One of the northern derivatives of Hopewell of interest to a few scholars is
the anomalous Effigy Mound culture of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. The
remains attract attention because of the range of animal forms represented
by the low effigy mounds. There are sometimes burials at the "vital" points
- hips, head or heart area - of the animals, but there is only the simplest
of grave goods.

{How these nature worship spiritual guide representations can be talked
about as "anomalous" is beyond me. The Serpent Mound near Cincinnati is a
key worldwide astrological figure. The Nazca Line effigies of animals are
well known. The Dragon Project and other ley line and Gaian concepts of
earth energy and center point location of the Mayan urban and pyramid
complexes are definitely related. Stonehenge is recently shown connected to
the Serpent Mound and certain astrological or astronomical observations are
discussed in Ancient American magazine. Vortexes of energy are obvious in
places like Sedona, Arizona. The Giza main pyramid is on such a vortex and
some people talk about time warp effects there. But we must remember most
archaeologists like their academic brethren the psychiatrists, don't believe
in psychic visions, soulful interpretations and other spiritual things that
all early people on earth clearly knew very well.

What good is there in denial of what others did or used as central to their
lives, even if 'science' of this variety was right? They aren't right
anyway, but please ask this question of the scholars who are interpreting
these important cultural artifacts. Why avoid the actual beliefs of the
people? The reason to locate the burial in points where the energy is
collected relates to the cult of the individual involved and their tribal
guide, as well as to their sex and specific power ally. It is part of many
less dramatic rituals such as the Star of David and the pentagram.}

Burials are either flexed or bundle types. The link with Hopewell is found
in ceramics and in the interest in raptors and certain mammals. At one
group, Sny-Magill (now a national monument in Iowa), Beaublein (1953)
thought two mounds of the group to be Hopewellian in construction and
content. McKern has reported several sites of the Effigy culture (McKern
1928; 1930), as well as the Wisconsin Hopewell - locally called the
Trempealeau (McKern 1931). Jennings (1965a) and Rowe (1956) have attempted
summaries of the Effigy culture. The sites often lie on ridges overlooking a
stream valley. The mounds take about a dozen shapes: conical, biconical,
oval, linear, panther, bear, bird (goose, raptor), deer, buffalo (?),
turtle, lizard, wolf, or fox, and beaver. These are arranged in clusters or
lines with no regularity as to the forms depicted; the linear and conical
ones are mixed with the effigies. {Likely no relation to guides or spirits
but rather to allow earth energy to build or flow in some manner enhancing
or guarding the people. Their ancestral forefathers who are often dug up and
moved in the Iroquois or eastern regions mimics practices carried on around
the world. [There is a genetic energy and spiritual reality that psychology
has shown to exist between family members separated at birth (Harvard) and
especially 'twins' (Minnesota's University).]} The groups may contain dozens
of mounds...

In New York, Ritchie (1965) identifies Hopewell in the artifacts and mounds
of the Squawkie Hill phase; earlier, he had incorporated this phase in his
Point Peninsula culture series. Griffin (1964) also notes the Hopewellian
content of the New York finds. Furthermore, he mentions the extension of
dentate rocker stamping on pottery well beyond the appearance of other
Hopewell traits and also comments on the blurring or fading of the Hopewell
complex after about A.D. 250.

{It was almost completely gone by 500 AD. This is an important time in world
history. The Ostrogothic disappearance from Italy that led to major
fortifications in South America as discovered by Gene Savoy after this time
when Jennings wrote this book might also have led to the end of the Hopewell
cultural control. We know Roman statues were found in Mexico with a 99%
archaeological certainty according to University of Calgary Professor
Emeritus David Kelley. But few scholars have drawn any connection even with
the huge forts in South America. Probably it is pure co-incidence. But when
you know the Visigoths are Merovingian related and the people like Dagobert
had a trepanned skull as well as other things we will lay before you later
you might think it less a co-incidence. The influx of Keltic 'Red-Heads'
from the Taklamakand Desert near the present Great Wall occurred at this
time too, according to Prof. Covey of Wake Forest University, and Professor
Joan Price of the American Archaeological Institute.}

This is about the time the southern derivatives began to appear and the
cultures of the Middle West and East developed stronger regional
differences, with many local sequences replacing the more uniform culture
characteristic of Hopewell dominance. Even so, as in the widespread dentate
pottery decoration, vestiges of Hopewell ancestry can be noted. In New York,
for example, the development of late Point Peninsula into Owasco and even
historic Iroquois can be tied through a few traits to Hopewell (Griffin

The Owasco culture of New York, accepted as being ancestral to the Iroquois,
is dated at A.D. 1000 to 1300.... Farming tools included elk-scapula hoes,
as well as two types of flint hoe. Food-storage pits are common in some

Diverse Druids

by Robert Baird



History is prologue to the present as thought is to action. Our socially accepted ‘norms’ or acts often determine how average people think - based on the propaganda presented as fact. These supposed facts of history are revised to suit attitudes of the prevailing paradigm. Reading about Cleopatra in the words of Lucy Hughes-Hallet will make the point clear to anyone; she presents an alchemist or temptress to seem either evil or laudatory depending on many social imperatives in different centuries. The same is true with Jesus and there are many good books written by Rabbis or other scholars to demonstrate that issue, which repeats like cucumbers on a full stomach. Marshall McLuhan made an interesting observation about the person who controls the media for 15 years. He said if he was given that power he would control all society. His recent biographer says McLuhan knew about secret societies who own or control the very media and society we live in.

It is a multi-layered management that many popes, kings and professors have mistakenly thought they were in charge of, but later were seen to be operating according to a larger plan. The Bilderbergs are not the most powerful, or at the top of the mountain but whoever organizes their seminars and information is an important person. Whenever powerful people seek to come to common ground it can easily be seen as a good thing. There is no good reason to reject such efforts that take place every year at hotels owned by the Rothschild family, unless we know what they do. In the absence of facts we must look to history or the outcome of the supposed plans (or lack thereof) that such people agree to implement. Shortly after the Trojan World War in 1200 BC a similar and probably similarly structured meeting (by the ancestors of the Rothschilds) took place off Miletus. They were called the Perpetual Sailors and as members of the Phoenician Brotherhood had been around since Ba’albek and before the Pyramids.

Those who run the bureaucracy or act as political ‘stooges’ and ‘fronts’ for these plans include the likes of Napoleon and Hitler. But the history we are told about, seldom explores how these supposed dictators were put in power and how they were managed or ‘handled’. Hitler was a Jew and lived as one in Vienna; according to the report made for the top dog of US Intelligence (is that an oxymoron?), Wild Bill Donovan. This book written by a psychiatrist leaves out all evidence of any spiritual or occult specialties employed by Hitler or his handlers. I assure you Professor Horbiger, Himmler, Eckhart and others were adept in matters of the occult (‘oc’= ‘not’, a cult). This book is called The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report, and it makes it very apparent Hitler was related to the Rothschilds: but it doesn’t explain who these people were before they took their name from the ‘red shield’ in front of Meyer Amschel Rothschild’s father’s hotel just a century before Adolf’s father went to study in Vienna. Vienna is the place Salomon Rothschild had run his part of the Rothschild financial EMPIRE.

The U.S. and the whole supposed Free World were anti-Semitic as the movie Ship of Fools does indicate. We are scapegoating Germans to this very day. The truth about the Jews is not even known to the Jews themselves. There is no homogeneous Jewish people who came from a genetic group separate from all other white people. Their ‘Lost Tribes’ and Bible Narratives are an affront to reality or mere propaganda that became managed by Rome. The holocausts include the ‘brothers’ of the Jews - Ukrainians, Armenians and Irish etc. In fact even in the 20th Century the attempted genocide of the Jewish people was not as bad as what happened to the Ukrainian people perpetrated by our ally, Stalin. The Aryan fiction was used by political forces to create a war. The Jews are the high priests or at least the ‘arch-tectons’ (architect, and the title of Jesus and Joseph in the early Bible called the Septuagint) of the Pyramid. The Father of Biblical Archaeology, W.F.Albright, states that the Bible ‘is a Phoenician literary legacy’. Aryan can be shown derived from ‘Eire-yann’ or the Keltic people (including the Germanic Teutons) whose spiritual center was Tara in Ireland (for at least a millennia in a far longer period of influence). These are the builders of the Pyramid who Moses led out of Egypt as the story goes. The language of Hebrew was the sacerdotal code of these ‘arch-tectons’ who knew knowledge in the hands of the power-mongers could be harmful. Thus we have the name for the Hebrews who are part of the Jewish ‘Brotherhood’.

Genetics is a record that the Empire-builders could not fully eradicate. They did an excellent job ridding the world of knowledge in books or libraries like Alexandria, Bangor and the Mayan lands. Genetics now shows a Haplogroup X marker which allows us to know all white men including many North American Indians like the Sioux, started out near the Caucasus Mountains 30-35,000 years ago. Linguistics and other archaeological tools such as forensic analysis of corpses hooked on cocaine (from Peru) in Egypt (see Balabanova and various TV specials); has made the ongoing history of Empire and man far from palatable or believable. Hellenizing usurpers of previous cultural and technical knowledge was not so much the intent of the Greeks who honored the ‘ancient ones’ they called ‘Keltoi’ and ‘ogygia’. It was the enslaving barbarians of Rome who enjoyed their ‘sport’ in their arenas who really refined this prejudice. They had the audacity to call the Berbers - ‘Berberoi’ or ‘barbarians’ even before they ripped off their own people by creating Caesar and later as they made Churchianity the true Roman Empire.

Our sovereign nations are founded on concepts of ‘Manifest Destiny’ (While they give their cronies ‘Manifest Subsidy’) and such perversion as allowed the British to colonize India or force opium upon the more sophisticated and cultured civilizations such as China. The Treaty of Tordesillas dictated by Pope Alexander VI was the significant starting point of a plan to expand the Inquisition. I wonder if kids today learn about it in school. I know I didn’t. This Pope was a Borgia and related to the De Medici’s who were then in charge of the finance monopoly that had once been the Templar ‘fatted calf’. Could the De Medici’s have passed their monopoly on to the Rothschild’s? Yes, indeed, if you look to the place Meyer Amschel Rothschild lived and worked as the chief financial guru; you find it was the Hesse family castle. This is the same place where a De Medici favorite ‘son’ by the name of St. Germain(e) spent a lot of time. At the time of the founding of the Jesuits you will find the Borgias donate their first University, which implemented full scale teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The De Medici matron Catherine was the protector of another Jesuit named Nostradamus. The Alumbrados were the secret society within the Jesuit Order and they may even have founded it in the style of the Priory of Sion founding the Templars and Knights Malta five centuries before. It is reasonable to suspect that Nostradamus was a member of this esoteric inner sanctum. Nostradamus, Aquinas and St. Germain(e) are three of the most knowledgeable alchemists this history has ever known. You will see that alchemy comes from or was akin to Druidism in this book.

When the Pope apologized for two millennia of ‘heinous acts’ in 1999 while asking for ‘forgiveness and renewal’ he did not mention the Thomists are still a major force in his Order. He might be a rare person interested in explaining these things to you, but he is not allowed to go into such details (perhaps for legal reasons). You should have facts before you make determinations or start the decision-making process. However, you have not been allowed to know the facts and we have all been kept in the dark far past the Dark Ages created by these people who keep knowledge (power) to themselves. Despite his ‘goodness’ the Catholic Church and their Anglican henchmen were named as the creators of the near genocide in Rwanda, by an International Commission and the Organization of African Unity. The same thing is still true in Ireland where all culture of old was forced and policed out of the Irish people over the last three centuries after a millennium of war. In fact when the Pope said there is no such place as Heaven or Hell his priests in Toronto suggested to their parishioners that he was old and feeble. The prejudices that run rampant in our civilization are directly attributable to theocratic ecclesiasties. They have done worse things to women ever since Hammurabi decreed a woman is the property of her father until she is sold to her husband.

Theocracy has been a tool of noble or monarchist families and philosophy was often controlled by these theocracies from the time of Plato to Bertrand Russell. How much blame can we lay at their feet for allowing women to be abused to the extent they are? Today more women wear berkas or saris in the house/prison of their father/husband than are free to go topless or wear a mini-skirt. Yet the Kelts often went naked on hot days - so we are told they were ‘barbarian’!

There are many secrets and intrigues of old that have simply donned an overcoat of propriety. We will demonstrate the Druids and their ‘Red Headed League of Megalith Builders’ or Tuatha De Danaan are the likely originators of all religion. This Source of the teaching of Jesus and ‘Brotherhood’ could be re-energized just as Jesus tried to do before others put words in his mouth after he died. The mummies found near the present day Great Wall of China and those of the Aleutian Islands are just some of the ‘giants’ we will show were part of this ‘Brotherhood of Iesa’ (Hesous or Jesus). They were on Malta before they built the Pyramid of Iesa and here we find archaeology shows 2800 years with no weapons. They were Chaos Scientists 13,000 years ago and keen observers of nature (God or Reality) for a long time before they met the older modern man we’ve found near Lake Mungo in Australia.

Nostradamus was a member of an even more ancient and secret inner sanctum called the ‘Sons of the Widow’ according to The Secrets of Nostradamus by David Ovason. He also says he was an initiate of the Hibernian Mysteries and an expert in the Green Languages derived from the ‘Language of the Trees’. I know this language relates to the Bards (BRD in vowelless early tracts or alphabets) whose Troubadours of Cathar times he was born amongst their recent remains, caused by the Crusades of the Dominican ‘Hounds of God’. Ovason has a good handle on the Irish part of the equation and the Bardic Tradition. He says the ‘Sons’ were followers of the Biblical Miriam who he shows is the Masonic Hiram through these cryptic or coded languages. I think there was an earlier widow that Manetho places at the very beginning of the genetic foundation of white people 35,000 years ago. This is when Manetho says Isis founded the Egyptian colony. Manetho pandered to Ptolemy in his history which has played an important part in the Bible Narrative, so that is not the best of sources. A web site with insight to how these codes were part of the Languages of the Birds or Bards (Ogham) is found at:

The Bardic ‘verbal tradition’ is kin to the Qabala, Tao and shamanic systems throughout the world. Scientific American and National Geographic know North America (Jan/Feb 2001 issues) was visited from 30,000 years ago by Europeans. The degree of world trade has not been addressed in any major academic institution I know about, although Prof. Cyclone Covey at Wake Forest and Steve Omar in Hawaii join Fell, Kelley and others in addressing what we will cover to some extent, again. Ovason says the following on page 383 of his book that explodes all the previous poor scholarship dealing with Nostradamus: “There is even some indication that the mystery schools of Imperial Rome had ordained that Ireland should remain untouched as an un-Romanized periphery on the edge of the map of the Imperium. It was intended by the initiation schools (who go back to a re-organization by Tuthmosis in Egypt and before.) that this map would correspond to the future Christian world. It had been part of the destiny of Rome to establish the ground for the development of the spiritual mysteries of the future - which was to be the new initiation schools of Christianity. (Thus St. Columba said ‘Christ is the new Druid’.) Although the Roman soldiery did reach Ireland, they did not take over its cultural life, nor destroy its Druidic priestcraft, in the way they seemed to have destroyed it in England, Scotland and (to a lesser extent) Wales. Thus, something of the great pre-Christian mystery wisdom survived in Ireland, and it was for this reason that it continued as the main esoteric center of European cultural life. This is why Ireland became a refuge for esoteric Christianity (through languages like Uncial they created many Bible myths or dogma and the language Insular they developed grew into English.) - for what we might even term pre-Roman Christianity. What we now tend to see romantically, through the eyes of later poets, as the twilight of the Celts was really the dawn of esoteric Christianity, which has yet to speak in the future of Europe. (Hitler tried to bring this forward in a perverse manner as he called himself ‘the torch-bearer of Jesus’.) The ancient Druidic wisdom which had served the soul-life of the North, had already begun to give way to, or integrate with, the Christian Mysteries - to those mysteries which we would probably now call Celtic Christianity.” And the Rosicrucians of the Masonic Lodges have maintained much of the ritual and knowledge even if most of them are not able to decode the rituals, symbols and words they speak. It may surprise some people to see German historian C. Besoldus (1577-1638) claiming that the name Huns came from a Celtic word meaning ‘Great Magicians’. Surely this is what the Druids and ‘smiths’ were able to do. They were even able to create spiritual visions of such force that whole armies would shudder and quake, then run from the field of battle. This book is much more than a statement on the nature of propaganda and yet it can only begin to cover all our human potential might have allowed or might yet allow.

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