El Ciudadela at Teotihuacan as Temple of Ishtar?

by Ed Ziomek

Hold onto your seat belt ...what is known as El Ciudadela, the Citadel, on the southern side of Teotihuacan shows 15 articles...exactly the sacred number of Ishtar.

Pic 1&2
A man-made spiral geoglyph about 12 miles southwest of Teotihuacan

Pic 3
El Ciudadela from Teotihuacan, showingthe 15 sub-altars

Pic. 3 shows the Ishtar temple portion of Teotihuacan... Remember, Ishtar was sent to the underworld.

The Ishtar Gate from Babylon was built by Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 B.C.).
The glazed relief tiles contain 3 vertical rows of 5 sacred animals each symbolizing Ishtar's sacred number 15. [Number symbolism]

As the product of two sacred numbers (3 5), 15 naturally has religious significance. In ancient Nineveh the goddess Ishtar was served by 15 priests, and the city had 15 gates. The 3 3 magic square has 15 as its magic constant, and in Babylon this square was associated with Ishtar.

"And truly ISHTAR will rise.
With giant wings.
And scales like serpents
The two elementals flew to the Gate
NINNGIZIDDA saw them not
They passed the Seven Watchers
With haste they entered the Palace of Death
And they beheld several terrible sights.
The demons of the Abyss lay there
Dead but Dreaming, they clung to the walls
Of the House of Death
Faceless and terrible
The ANNUNNAKI stared out
Blind and Mad AZAG-THOTH reared up (note reference to Teoti)
The EYE on the Throne opened
The Dark Waters stirred
The Gates of Lapis Lazuli glistened
In the darkness
Unseen Monsters
Spawed at the Dawn of Ages
Spawned in the Battle of MARDUK and TIAMAT
Spawned by HUBUR
With the Sign of HUBUR
Lead by KINGU...
With haste they fled
Through the Palace of Death
Stopping only at the corpse of ISHTAR
The Beautiful Queen
Mistress of the Gods
Lady of all the Harlots of UR
Bright Shining One of the Heavens
Beloved of ENKI
Lay hung and bleeding
From a thousand fatal wounds.
Sensing their presence
Cried out.
Armed with Fire
Looked upon the Queen of Corpses
with the Ray of Fire
Armed with Flame
Looked upon the Queen of the Graves
With the Rays of Flame.
Mighty in CUTHA
Turned her face
Upon the corpse of INANNA
Sixty times they sprinkled
The Water of Life of ENKI
Upon the corpse of ISHTAR
Sixty times they sprinkled
The Food of Life of ENKI
Upon the corpse
Hung from a stake
They directed the Spirit of Life
The Dark Waters trembled and roiled.
AZAG-THOTH screamed upon his throne
CUTHALU lurched forth from his sleep
ISHNIGARRAB fled the Palace od Death
IAK SAKKAK trembled in fear and hate
Tha ANNUNNAKI fled their thrones
The Eye upon the Throne took flight
ERESHKIGAL roared and summoned NAMMTAR
The Magician NAMMTAR she called
But not for pursuit
But for protection.
INANNA ascended from the Underworld.

Pic 4
A 5 mile "spiral-city" in between the spiral and Teotihuacan
The spiral geoglyph is to the southwest, and Teotihuacan is to the Northeast.

Not surprisingly, the area of Teotihuacan is saturated with geoglyphs and interesting human habitation areas, stuffed into one of the highest human habitation areas on earth, the Valley of Mexico.



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